Startups and Education in India

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With the stepping up of Mr. Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of our country, the literacy rates in every individual state have grown significantly. More and more children are being enrolled in schools and more and more schools are being inaugurated.

With the rise in the number of newcomers in schools every year, the colleges and universities are getting saturated. It has become quite a competition amongst the top universities to gain the attention of merit holders.

It is a tedious task for students to select the right university and the course based on their interest. Most students don’t even know which career path to take after their 12th.

As universities win the interests of students and are able to compel them to apply, the problem comes in the affordability of fees. India, being a house of more than 40% of its population residing below the International Poverty Line, many face the problem of admission in reputable private institutions. The scholarship plans of such institutions are very comprehensive and difficult to understand. Most of the scholarships provided are on the first-come-first basis and this is when students lose out on their opportunity. GetMyUni is an education startup, located in Bengaluru, which aims at bridging the gap between students and institutions. From the application process to the assignment of a seat, it provides guidelines and helps students find the right institution for their particular field of interest. It has funding from the Times Internet Group.

Get My Uni Logo
Get My Uni Logo

One doesn’t have to go to different college websites and struggle to look for the application procedure, scholarship criteria or even the fee structure. It gets confusing trying to figure out all those different websites at the same time. Most of them don’t even have complete and relevant information. On this website, any education related information for a particular university or college can be found in one place. The website is very user-friendly so one does not have to struggle to get any detail about any university or college. All of it is just a tap away. Scholarship plans have been carefully studied and put on the website for the assistance of the students. One can even compare fees, courses, facilities, faculty-to-student ratio, etc., across different colleges side-by-side. It’s all very easy.

As we all know, India needs a boost in the global GDP race, hence the forthcoming of programmes like Make in India had to be in place. Several industries have been set up, new laws enforced, and what not. However, most people are still skeptical about this program. For such a program to be successful, we need to have a strong foundation and that can only be done througheducation, and not just education, the right kind of education.

GetMyUni is helping India for a better tomorrow. It is helping the youth of India reach their true potential and follow their hearts. It is helping students make life-long career decisions with a few easy clicks. Start-ups in India can provide students the opportunities that have been lacking in the past few years.