Small Business Strategies – 5 Simple Yet Powerful Ways To Grow Your Business In 2021

Business success illustration

For many, 2020 was a year of either stagnation or regression. While there is no shame in this – we did all just go through a major global pandemic – sticking with the status quo simply won’t cut it if you’re looking to grow your business in 2021. That’s why we’ve put together this list of simple, yet powerful ways to expand your empire over the coming year:

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work 

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make when trying to scale up is attempting to do everything by themselves. While there is merit to earning everything you have with only your internal resources, you’ll find success far quicker if you bring in outside help where necessary. 

If you’re stuck on exactly how to scale, consider looking into a group mentoring program for small businesses rather than just floundering around on your own. Bringing in an expert is always a good idea, and you’ll probably also find your sessions to be quite effective networking tools. 

Go Behind The Scenes

Nine times out of ten, consumers will purchase from brands they know and trust rather than the competition, even if there is a significant difference in pricing. To help form this bond with your target demographic, use your social stories as a sort of work diary. Besides, your website should reflect your future plan and offers which can be very effective in keeping the customers hooked to your brand.

Obviously, you need to stay on-brand with your posts and status updates, but as stories disappear in 24 hours, they’re a great way to give your audience a peek behind the scenes. You’ll still want to showcase a professional image, but there’s nothing wrong with also showing that you’re real people who sometimes need a coffee or a jovial team lunch.

Promotional Products

Never underestimate the power of a useful (and beautiful) promotional product. If your branded products serve a purpose in someone’s life, they can essentially provide free advertising to the people that the recipient is around – all while boosting customer loyalty. Make sure you’ve done your research and correctly geared your product selection to your target demographic, and you should easily reap the benefits. 

Level Up Your Address

Are you currently working out of a dodgy office in the sticks? Or maybe even your garage? Consider getting a virtual office in a more prestigious location. You’ll save on rent by not fully committing but still score yourself the perks of having somewhere fancy to meet with big-ticket clients (and an address that isn’t your home to put on your website).

Create Content

Blogging used to be the pastime of bored teenagers on MSN, but these days, it’s an invaluable tool for businesses. Regularly creating quality, long-form content helps you build authority and is also great for your SEO. You can hire a freelancer to create this content for you if you don’t have the budget to bring someone on full-time. 

You’ve got flexibility in the way you implement this strategy, and the addition of clear information about your products will help boost your conversion rate. This means the content will pay for itself in the long run. In other words, it’s the perfect strategy for sustainable, long-term growth. 

So there you have it – five simple, yet powerful, ways to grow your business in 2021. These strategies obviously need to be implemented in line with the rest of your plan, but they should get you a good part of the way there!