SenseGrow Inc.: Leading the real-time monitoring, managing & controlling of millions of IoT devices


IoT, a small word indeed but has created waves of disruption in almost every sphere of business. Internet of things, as the name suggests refers to the world of internet for everything. In technical terms IoT is  “a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.” Too technical right? Let’s simplify the same for a layman. Going back to the times of a cellular phone to be precise those times when we were smarter than our phones 😛 Internet connection seemed to be a far reaching thing. In those good old days, one could use the phone only to dial numbers or send messages. But as our phones grew smarter, now we can hunch upon gazillion activities from reading books to streaming series online.

All this was made possible because of the IoT. It has made the lives of people smarter. Internet of Things is the interconnection of different types of devices which may be wearable or non-wearable. The impact of technology on business is prominent and cannot be ignored. If one is looking responsible for efficiency in operations of a facility, then Internet of Things can benefit that person in multiple ways. From process monitoring, transfer of data, accurate prediction to an “anywhere-anytime” access, IoT has been the heart stealer.

After blowing the epiphany for IoT, the crucial point to think about is the ways or platform to impart the wide range benefits of IoT. Are the systems through which we claim to cater the needs of people capable enough? Are the developers out there who sell packages capable enough of delivering efficient software?

SenseGrow is the answer

Founded in 2014, SenseGrow is a technology startup committed to providing the best possible Internet of Things technology to their customers. They create easy to use Internet of Things software that enables developers to build IoT solutions faster and businesses to get more value from their connected devices. The name of the startup has a very significant meaning. “Sense” represents the physical world that one is capable to sense and is tangible. It also represents the sensible information that lies hidden in the physical world. “Grow” represents the potential to empower our weaknesses and come strong out of it. It represents the innovator, the dreamer and visionary in a person that helps them to grow.

SenseGrow has come up with a revolutionary technology. ioEYE by SenseGrow is a cloud based machine to machine software platform. ioEYE enables us to connect our devices to the cloud in just a few clicks and see our device data come to life. It lays down the foundation on which one can deploy any solution that your facility might require. Without much hassle, ioEYE enables us to bring sensor data both from existing sensors as well as new ones into our Big Data Cloud application and monitor our data using real-time dashboards. When one needs a more specific solution for their service/facility, then the IoT App Marketplace of SenseGrow provides multiple apps to deploy on top of ioEYE without making any changes to existing IoT infrastructure.

“IoT is a blessing which conducts various services for an enterprise”. The Internet of Things helps in monitoring and managing the energy footprint of our activities conducted at business premises. It also measures and monitors the air quality for environmental compliance. It tracks the output of our solar panels, surveils the health of our factory machinery and predicts failures. SenseGrow’s ioEYE cloud platform enables better working of IoT. ioEYE IoT platform brings remote monitoring to our infrastructure in just a few clicks.

The solution: ioEYE

“The architecture of ioEYE IoT cloud platform is comprehensive. It encompasses lower integration cost and removes the technology barrier for the organizations”. With real time alerts over emails and SMS, ioEYE serves the organizations with the freedom to choose, change or add devices at any time.  It gets integrated with the backend systems for Billing, Compliance, ERP, CRM etc.

One can use ioEYE’s APIs to integrate gateways and devices with any front-end application one wants to build. ioEYE gives us not only the speed and reliability of doing a PoC to win our customers’ trust but also the flexibility of APIs to build a full-blown IoT solution with the scalability that IoT demands. As a System Integrator, one can do all of this at 40% of the cost and 60% faster than using a generic middleware platform. Using ioEYE, one can significantly reduce their development time by focusing on business case without having to build the core IoT pieces themselves.

Beliefs and Philosophy

Founded by a team of technical nerds and intellects, SenseGrow is lead by a dedicated team. They believe “simple is beautiful and scalable”. They are a staunch believer of building useful products that are easy to use. With a similar customer philosophy in place, team SenseGrow highly respects customers’ time, money, and trust.

Achievements and trusted associations

SenseGrow was able to bag a position in the TOP 100 Industrial IoT Companies Index surveyed by IoT One.  The widened service portfolio of SenseGrow has always created best software solutions for the customers. ioEYE will never lock a customer into proprietary technologies or hardware. Enjoy the freedom to change your mind whenever you want.

Leading companies are relying on SenseGrow Platforms for their application building. To name a few Reliance Industries Limited, HNG, TATA and Emerson are trusted associations for SenseGrow.

SenseGrow is on the path to create a leading SAAS IoT Company and has come a long way in its mission to liberate IoT devices of the staggering challenges.  Being a guide to the customers in navigating the IoT maze, SenseGrow has explored the dynamics of IoT potential.