Robotics Companies in India to Watch

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The rise of the robotics industry has significantly bolstered India’s journey towards becoming a technological powerhouse. As the nation embraces industrial automation, robotics companies are at the forefront, driving innovation and efficiency across various sectors. The COVID-19 pandemic further underscored the critical role of robotics in maintaining and enhancing productivity, particularly in industries like healthcare and manufacturing.

Overview of the Indian Robotics Industry

The robotics sector in India is experiencing a surge, with projections indicating that the market could reach US$639.50m by 2028. This growth is fuelled by a combination of factors, including the escalating demand for automation, continuous technological advancements and supportive government policies aimed at fostering innovation.

Top Robotics Companies in India

Industrial Robots

  • ABB: Known for its cutting-edge solutions in electrification and robotics automation.
  • KUKA Robotics (India): An annual production of 15,000 robots, serving industries such as automotive and engineering.
  • DiFACTO Robotics: Specializes in automotive weld lines and robotic systems for various applications.

Autonomous Mobile Robots

  • GreyOrange Robotics: Integrates AI software with robotics to enhance supply chain operations.
  • Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz: Develops autonomous robots for manufacturing and warehousing.
  • Gridbots: Focuses on robotics combined with machine vision and AI for industrial and defense applications.

AI-Driven Robotics

  • ASIMOV Robotics: Designs humanoid robots with advanced cognitive abilities.
  • Systemantics: Develops androids equipped with sophisticated AI.
  • Wipro PARI Robotics: Delivers comprehensive automated solutions across multiple industries.

Robotics Startups

  • Ekzen Robotics: Innovates intelligent automation solutions.
  • Robolab: Offers robotics education and training.
  • Xairo: Pioneers in AI-powered hairstyling technology.

Robotics in Various Industries


  • Freeman: Creates accessible, high-quality robots for farming.
  • DTR: Specializes in drones and unmanned vehicles for agricultural use.


  • 10 Minutes Diagnostics: Develops a rapid blood analyzer for clinical use.
  • Riku: Also noted for its AI-powered hairstyling technology.


  • Vividobots: Innovates in robotic solutions for exterior painting of high-rise buildings.
  • Intelligent Automation Solution: Introduces WALT, an autonomous interior wall painting robot.


  • WitBlox: Enhances learning through robotics kits and AI.
  • RoboRise Technologies: Develops solutions for HMI testing and remote operations.

Conclusion: The Future of Robotics Companies in India

The trajectory of the robotics industry in India points towards a future rich with innovation and growth. As the demand for automation continues to rise, robotics companies are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of industrial automation in India. With advancements in AI, the proliferation of autonomous mobile robots and the solid foundation laid by industrial robotics, the sector is well-positioned for a promising future.