Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Tools to try in 2020 – Free and Paid

Robotics process automation

Like several software usages, there is a develop-or-purchase alternative when getting initiated with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions. Recently, Gartner called RPA solutions industry the swiftest growing and maturing enterprise software segment with 63 percent development in global incomes. It is a lucrative market, as well, you have choices. Moreover, commercial RPA vendors and RPA companies have universally tried to prioritize effortlessness of use, with expectations of even enabling non-developers.

The non-developers space can choose to make and deploy bots without a massive technical operating cost. There are both free and paid robotic process automation tools and RPA software with a range of prospective customers. However, several RPA tools are available in the marketplace and choosing single software could be a big challenge. One of the popular way is web scraping with Python. Let’s look at some useful free and paid RPA tools to try in the year 2020.

Top Robotic and Automation Tools

#1 UiPath 

UiPath RPA is one of the industry leaders in RPA. Their RPA tool is shaped to be easily installed on Microsoft Azure, Windows desktops, and Servers where tasks executed by humans, are completely automated. The automation robots are enabled without making any modifications to the legacy system, and can especially be trained to communicate with the available interface just like humans.

Some of the key features 

  • Supports web and desktop applications
  • Enables legacy application integrations
  • Supports automated data entry
  • Backs both Virtual terminal and cloud environment hosting
  • Helps with Auto-login to quickly deploy the bots
  • Facilitates scraping solutions with frameworks like .Net, Flash, PDF, Java, and SAP


  • No development skill-sets needed
  • Simple to use by drag and drop functions
  • It offers excellent functionalities, free of cost


  • Restricted coding functions

#2 Automation Anywhere 

Automation Anywhere has its bot store that provides tools to automate benchmark tasks along with data extraction from websites, spreadsheets, and files. Their bots are also competent in taking care of client feedbacks, problem tracking, and issue monitoring by storing data in databases. They can be effectively deployed for invoice processing and day to day tasks. The company provides a free “community edition” for small-sized businesses with a partial workflow.

Some of the key features 

  • Offers higher security
  • Delivers security by authentication, credentials, and encryption
  • Access to Real-time analytics and reports


  • Complete User-friendliness


  • IQBot requires enhancements    

#3 Pega 

Pega offers an extensive assortment of tools, comprising chatbots, pure RPA, and DevOps support tools. It can be implemented and deployed on desktop servers. Although the organization just provides cloud-based solutions. Pega can be utilized for enterprise use cases such as automating financial transactions and onboarding of clients.

Some of the key features 

  • Assists with solution deployment
  • Enables cloud-based solution
  • Innovative storage functionalities


  • Facilitates the event-driven approach and works swifter
  • Robust and trustworthy tool


  • No access to an on-premise solution

#4 Blue Prism

Blue Prism’s RPA solutions automate repetitive, labor-intensive, rule-based back-office procedures and facilitate a “code-free canvas” for practical training of your bots to work as humans. It applies Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to train RPA bots to turn them fully adept at dealing with instructions and enabling end-user potentials.

Some of the key features 

  • Easy implementation
  • Higher Security
  • Efficient work distribution method
  • Robust functionalities to enable process auditing and load balancing
  • Real-time feedback to enhance current processes


  • Rapid execution.
  • Platform independent


  • Require programming skill-sets
  • Higher price

Comparison of Competitive free and paid RPA Tools

Given below is an elite comparison of the top Robotic Process Automation Tools.

 UiPathAutomation AnywherePegaBlue Prism
Fit for industry typeCore RPA CapabilitiesCore RPA CapabilitiesBPMCore RPA Capabilities
Supports developers / non-developersBoth developers and non-developersFor anyoneSupports low-code development.Developers
Usage and Development ScalabilityCan deal with any of the processes, in any number or nature of its complexityScalablePossess scalability to enterprise levels
CostingFreeDifferent range of pricing. Connect with them for precise pricing information.Pricing commences with $ 200 on a monthly basisRange between $ 15000 to $ 18000 on a yearly basis
Platform SupportSupports CitrixBoth On-premise and in the cloud.Backs Desktop ServersSupports all accessible platforms
Support, Training & MaintenanceBacks with implementation support, diverse training,
video tutorials and
community forums

Different levels of training’s and certificationsCertified training,
Community forums and access to helpful
installation guide
Access to help guide, assistance on
online portal,
email support, training’s and

Tool Intelligence & SmartnessYesYesYesYes
Industry SizeSuits all sizesMedium & LargeMedium & LargeMedium & Large
OS SupportSupports Windows
Supports Windows
Supports Windows
Supports Windows
ArchitectureBacks Web-based ArchitectureSupports Client-Server ArchitectureRuns on desktop and server. No database support needed.Supports Client-Server Architecture
Is the recorder obtainable?YesYesNo

Moving Forward

If you are planning to put into operation RPA solutions in your company, or require assistance in selecting RPA tools, feel free to connect with us today itself for a personalized consultation.