Realtors: Enhance Your Marketing with These Tools


Gone are the days when property buyers looked for properties on sale in newspaper ads. Real estate marketing has gradually shifted from these traditional methods to modern marketing trends such as real estate postcards and digital options. If you want to succeed in this era, you must be ready to delve deep into online marketing.

There are various apps for real estate marketing out there. These tools are geared towards enhancing your engagement with clients and maximizing your marketing efforts. Each of them has numerous strengths and shortcomings. This article discusses nine marketing apps that might help you dominate your market.


Facebook is one of the best and most used social media platforms to use in your real estate marketing. Being the largest social media network, Facebook will help you to maximize your brand reach. You can also define your target audience better with Facebook, meaning that you will engage the right people. And if you are on a low budget, Facebook is a cost-effective marketing platform with ads going for as low as $1 a day.

Although Facebook is a great place to begin your online campaigns, it might be dominated by your competitors. In that case, you will need to spend a little more time, money, and effort to stay ahead of your rivals. You must invest in top-notch content that sparks as much interest and conversations among your followers as possible.


If you want to implement an email marketing campaign, then MailChimp is a must-have app. This app helps you to generate segmented lists of emails of potential and current customers. It also facilitates the planning of the campaigns, email customization, and data analysis. MailChimp will enable you to send thousands of emails every month for free, even if you are a small or middle-sized realtor.

The cost of sending newsletters and real estate postcards via MailChimp is much cheaper than direct mail. Additionally, planning and executing an email campaign through MailChimp is less mind-numbing and time-consuming. However, updating customer lists is not always automated, and it can be tedious to review the lists manually.

Zillow Premier Agent App

As a progressive real estate agent, you want to gather as many leads as possible. The Zillow premier agent app might enable you to achieve that goal. This app allows you to import leads from and Boomtown through Gmail. This premier agent app offers incredible features, including lead assignment, lead sorting, and task management.

Moreover, the Zillow premier agent app provides you with communication features in addition to lead acquisition. These features include mobile notifications, custom notes, reminders, tasks, e-signatures, and calls. In other words, the app is like a personal assistant that organizes your work while in your office and on transit. updates you with data feeds on property listings across the country. The app is powered by the National Association of Realtors (NAR). By subscribing to, you are exposed to hundreds of multiple listing services in your region daily at no extra charge.

With, you can connect and form networks with other trusted realtors. Since NAR supports it, many qualified homebuyers visit the site. This offers you the advantage of selling your properties quickly and at better prices.


One of the best ways to capture the attention of your audience is the use of video. Unlike photos, videos add personality and dimension to your listings. The best place to market your property videos is on YouTube. With YouTube marketing, you increase your visibility and ranking in organic search results. Additionally, YouTube is a cost-effective marketing approach since videos are cheap to produce.

YouTube marketing also helps you cultivate better engagements as visual messages generate more meaningful conversations than textual messages. For this reason, you can generate many qualified leads through your YouTube channel. However, this marketing approach demands time and cost investment for you to get the most out of it.

Wise Pelican

Wise Pelican is a site that offers templates for real estate postcards. They have hundreds of templates that you can choose based on your brand image and marketing needs. You can use pre-built postcard templates and have them filled with your information. If not so, Wise Pelican gives you an option to have a custom-made template that fits your needs and preferences.

Additionally, Wise Pelican provides an integrated mail campaign tracking system. This system helps you to determine whether or not a postcard is delivered to a recipient. Even so, you need to focus on several things if you want to succeed in your postcard campaigns:

  • Calls to action
  • Concise and specific message to your audience
  • Your photo and contacts
  • Quality photos of the properties you have on sale
  • Consistent branding with your brand logo, font, and color scheme

Real Geeks

Real Geeks is a marketing solution app for attracting leads and converting them into clients. The app contains a CRM feature that alerts you when a new lead is generated. Besides, Real Geeks provides website solutions such as IDX to ensure that your website generates the required traffic.

One of the unique features of Real Geeks is that it nurtures relationships with your leads. It allows you to obtain detailed or crucial information about your potential clients so that you can contact them regularly. Moreover, Real Geeks assists you in creating Facebook ads that will produce desirable results in your target market.

Bomb Bomb

Bomb Bomb is a relationship-building app. It helps you engage with your clients and prospects through social media, text messages, and email. The app utilizes a video recorder where you record a personalized message to send to a client. Bomb Bomb offers you more in-depth analytics by enabling you to know who opened the video and exactly when they did it.

Since videos are easy to produce, Bomb Bomb allows you to send out as many video messages as possible. If any of your recipients have not opened a message, you can send a follow-up email. In doing all this, you establish meaningful relationships with your clients and prospects.


It is of great importance to maintain relationships with your past and current customers. Contactually is a CRM tool that helps you attain this goal. It collects and categorizes your clients’ contacts. The app also helps you create a communication strategy so that you stay engaged with your clients.

By having a centralized contact base, you can execute numerous campaigns, including email marketing, text messaging, and direct mail. Additional features of Contactually that you might want to explore include interaction tracking, property/client matching, and campaign management.


You ought to take advantage of the advancing technologies in real estate marketing. Consider using the above apps so that you can establish and grow your business to another level.