Push Notification Services – Deliver Information And Drive Traffic.


The advent of push notifications is not so long back, and in a shorter period,it is already trending as one of the active user engagement mediums and tools.

History of push notifications – Push notifications were first started by apple in 2008. It all began with the introduction of ios mobile three operating systems. Later on, Google also adopted this technology for Android OS and Microsoft for its Windows phone operating system.

Since then, the reach of push notifications widened their range to other platforms such as desktop or web. Read this blog to know more about the push notification services catered by multiple companies.

What is a push notification?

Push notifications are a simple yet intuitive medium to deliver information from an app to a mobile device or desktop without any requirement of request from the app itself. Companies use them to deliver all sorts of information. The main aim is to catch the user’s attention through attractive offers –

  • Discount offers – Come and grab the latest discount offers on our products.
  • Urgent and limited offers– Offer valid till 6th June..catch your deal at.first come first serve basis.
  • A brand new launch– Watch the new Netflix series. Binge on the first ten episodes for free!
  • Location-based messages – Apply coupon codes and get your favorite product, offers available at an outlet near you!

App owners are getting an added advantage of receiving the status of push messages. They receive the status of each message they send to the users. This way, they can acknowledge why the messages are not delivering or why users did not open any link. It became necessary for the owners to get aware of their triggered messages. The reason is users have many apps on their phones, and sometimes they hardly pay attention to these messages.

The feedback for the triggered messages is also valuable. Therefore merely a push notification is not enough to get your work done. The app owners must have the information of the same through some channel or medium.

What are the rules and regulations one must follow while sending push notifications :

You can send push notifications on the user’s browser or device without the need to download any app. They simply receive the notification even if they have not opened the browser or app. It could lead to spamming of push notifications as people sometimes find them annoying.

Also, app owners need to follow some guidelines while sending push notifications. Yes, you heard it right. The app owners need to follow some stringent instructions according to the federal trade commission.

What are the rules imposed by the federal trade commission :

  • According to earlier guidelines of FTC (federal trade commission), app owners can send information via push notifications using anonymous names and usernames. It would not be counted as personal information, even if the owners are using it for advertising and collecting user’s data. It would merely count as performing network communications.
  • Later on, FTC made amendments to this policy and announced that if you are using anonymous names and usernames to send push notifications, it will count as the use of personal information. Also, if the apps are collecting personal information, they need to abide by the rules of the “Privacy act of 1988 in Australia”; “Data protection action the UK.”

App stores also have implemented specific guidelines for push notification users.

  • According to the Apple ios (developer program license agreement), all the ios apps must follow the privacy rules and regulations while collecting and disclosing any of the user data.
  • Provide complete information to the users while collecting their information or device data. Also, this data must not have any access to third parties.

The reason for putting such restrictions is to avoid the leakage of any information. Usually, you require the user’s location to send them messages. Therefore, whatever information you need to send a user a push notification will be considered as “personal information.”

What are the requirements of the third parties : 

The apps are now using third parties, which enable them to know the safe and timely delivery of push notifications. But these third parties are privacy liable and allow the users to change their device settings in case they want to receive push notifications or not.

See the below examples :

1. One signal: One signal is a push notification service company that takes care of the users’ privacy and handles push notifications in a meaningful manner. Onesignal has laid down a section about consumer control and opt-out options.

This specific rule allows the users that they can opt-out of push notifications in case they want to. They simply have to go to the “settings” of their devices and click on “notifications.” From there, they can opt for receiving notifications either for some apps or for all the apps.

2. Clevertap: This specific third party also has a section about the “data collection.”The article specifies particular guidelines regarding the requirements and limitations as to how you must deal with personal information. It says that every party must follow the laws and regulations – which means your users must know what data you are collecting from them and how you are using it.

Note: Google API services also state that developers must follow specific privacy policies regarding user data and information. Even if you are developing an app through firebase, you need to state in your policy while using a user personal information such as their GPS locations, their usernames, shopping information, and other stuff.

All this will assure the users that their information is safe and intact with you and will not leak further.

What are the tips for using the push notifications effectively :

You can use push notifications and take the best advantages of them with the following tips :

  • Manage the frequency of push notification: The first thing you need to consider while integrating push notification services in your mobile app is to enable the users to manage the frequency of push notifications in mobile apps. It will solve the problems of spam push notifications. Otherwise, the users uninstall the apps if they get more information.
  • Send essential notifications: Sending unnecessary notifications will again pull the users away and force them to block them. To avoid this scenario, send only important notifications, such as if you are sending a push notification, which says only about the limited time offer, then send them at a specific time frame only.
  • Don’t send notifications in abundance: Avoid sending push notifications in plenty. It will force them to delete your application right away. Give the users an option to receive information in which they feel interested.

What are the top push notification companies :

There are many push notification companies who are doing a marvelous job in sending push notifications with the best delivery services. Although it’s hard to pick up a few of them but see the best amongst the best :

  1. Amazon SNS: The amazon simple notification service was launched in 2010 by the multinational company – Amazon. It provides a single API that allows the notification service providers to send the push notifications to multiple platforms.

 Amazon SNS is an intermediary between push notification service providers such as GCM and FCM. It creates a mobile endpoint with the help of a token device so that you will be able to send push notifications to the users.

 The advantages it provides to the users are manifold and productive :

  • First of all, the first one lakh notifications are free.
  • It gives you detailed documentation of its services- you can get answers for all your questions conveniently, such as using images, tables, and graphs.
  •  You can send notifications to various platforms like android and ios.

2. Urban airship: It is yet another remarkable company that allows you to send push notifications and allow you to perform other multiple functions such as targeting features and in-app analytics.

Advantages and benefits of the push notification company :

  • It supports all the platforms, including ios and android.
  • It enables you to create interactive push notifications with segmentation and personalization options. You can trigger the users based on various factors such as their location, age, income, and interests.
  • The company offers a free starter plan to the clients.

3. Firebase cloud messaging: Fire cloud messaging is a mobile development platform that proffers many products such as push notification services and real-time databases. It enables you to send automated push notifications. It allows you to send push notifications through customizing content and AB Testing functionality. It is an open-source platform. Therefore you can use it without any limits.

4. Push woosh: It was founded in 2011. It entails varieties of tools for sending mobile push notifications and web push notifications. It also gives you tools for in-app messages and campaign performance.

 Advantages :

  • It offers a free trial period without any requirement of credit cards.
  • It gives you a convenient pricing policy. For example – It provides a free plan of up to 1000 devices.
  • It provides additional tools such as – Multi-platform support and multi-language support.

5. Accengage: It was founded in 2014, and it provides numerous tools to help marketers engage users in multiple ways. Apart from push notification services, it helps in retargeting your users and gives mobile app tracking technologies tool.

    Advantages :

  • You can target specific audiences through personalization and customization tools.
  • You can send location-based notifications.
  • You can send multi-language messages across multiple platforms using AB testing and other tools.

These were some of the top-notch companies that have made a valuable mark in providing relevant push notification services. Go ahead and leverage the advantages of anyone if you find them suitable for your business growth.