Top Fastest Online Free Converter Platforms For Converting Files Quickly

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Having fast and easy to use online file converter is so much essential to be used for business purposes as well as for the students. Most of the time, students have to convert their files or folders in different formats, and therefore they are always looking forward to best file online converter tools to use right now. If you take a look around, you will probably be finding so many different tools of online converter platforms to choose the best one for your conversion task performance. So to make your task a bit easy, right here we are discussing best and top 3 ideal tools of online file converter to use right now:


Firstly we have the name of PDf2doc, which is known out to be one of the most recommended online converter tools which can be used for both business and educational purposes. This tool is best to easily convert all your files and documents which are in PDF format right into the format of Word Document. By selecting the “download all” option, you can download all your converted files and folders in just a few seconds. Files will be downloaded in ZIP file format. All the features that are part of this platform are so much friendly and easy to use. You can even make the use of this platform through mobile devices as well.

Online Convert Free

Convert. Files are next on our list, and we are sure you will probably be finding this tool as one of the best file converter tools for you. This tool has made its enormous place among the students where they are finding it a lot easy and straightforward for the file conversion process. The overall conversion process of this tool is smooth and friendly in terms of features. You can consider converting your files and folders in input or output formats. On the first homepage, you can easily upload your file, and in just a couple of minutes, the file conversion process will be finished. You can also use this tool for converting books, images, audio or archive.

Small PDF

Lastly comes the name of Small PDF! This online tool converter can efficiently deal with your PDF problems. It is a web-based application that is installed with 16 different PDF tools and exciting features for file conversion. Some of the necessary tools that are part of this file converter are pdf converter, or pdf unlocker, along with the pdf splitter. This tool is much ideal for the daily use of converting your files easily. If you want to use its Pro Plan package, it is available at a buying cost of around $48 annually. You can use your files from Google Drive or the Dropbox platform.

So to give your file conversion process a smooth and effortless task completion, use any one of these best file converter tools right now! They are incredible with their features.