Pharmacy Technician Exam: All You Should Know


Being a pharmacy technician is an in-demand job. Once you pass the pharmacy test tech and get your license, you start working in the growing healthcare field.  

Think about it: It is more fulfilling to help people get the correct prescriptions and enable them to enjoy healthier lives. But, how do you get started to practice as a certified pharmacy technician?

One significant step to work in this fulfilling profession is education. You must fulfill some coursework and practice recommendations. This is what prepares you to undertake the pharmacy technician certification exam. 

Once done, you must take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) exam. Passing your exam is the gateway to earning yourself a pharmacy technician certification. And, this is what you need to start practicing as a certified pharmacy technician.

Read on as we look at the things you need to learn about the pharmacy technician exam.

Things to Know About the Exam

Requirements of the Final PTCB Exam

The actual exam consists of 90 questions with a multiple-choice format. But, you need to note that only 80 of these questions will be scored. And 10 of the questions won’t be part of the score. 

The questions are spread randomly throughout the examination paper. Usually, you’re given 1 hour and 50 minutes to get done. So, to answer the 90 questions, you need an average of 1 minute and 22 seconds per question. 

The best part is that once you go through the PTCB study guide, you’ll definitely be on top of the game. This is because you’ll be familiar with your exam material. This is a study guide that mimics the actual exam. 

Usually, one of the most challenging parts of the final test is the calculations. Students need to spend a lot of their time preparing since this is the most high-rated part of the test. 

Other areas of the exam that you may spend a lot of time studying include pharmacy law. You need to get fully familiarized with pharmacy workers’ primary laws and regulations. And you should know what to do with those laws. So, you need the pharmacy technician practice test to prepare well for the final pharmacy tech test. 

Most importantly, the PTCB online practice test materials are always up-to-date. Thus, you can’t miss out on any essentials. They include everything you need to know to pass your final written exams. So, no time-wasting here! Every minute spent on the pharmacy tech study guide counts towards your success in the actual exam.

When going in for the actual exam, how will you feel you find questions you’re familiarized with? It’s incredible, right? 

Indeed, practice is what will perfect your art of answering the exam questions. And, what better practice test should you long for than one that mirrors the actual PTCB exam? More so, it resembles the final exam both in content and format.

Courses Included in the Exam

The PTCB exam will test you in nine different categories, which the board identifies as ‘knowledge domains.’ Under each of these knowledge domains are the more specific sub-domains. As a test taker, you should expect to handle questions related to topics like:

  • Pharmacology for techs
  • Laws and regulations in pharmacy
  • Sterile and non-sterile preparations
  • Safety medication
  • Quality assurance in pharmacy
  • Order entry and fill processes in medication
  • Pharmacy inventory management (PIM)
  • Pharmacy billing and compensation
  • Pharmacy information system (PIS) usage and application

Benefits of Taking the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam

Passing your pharmacy tech certification test and getting your license is the best reward for your career as a pharmacy technician. 

Based on a survey done, it’s evident that people want to interact with certified pharmacy technicians. Three-quarters of Americans say that they would seek help from certified technicians. In the study, 85% of those surveyed said that pharmacy certification is very important.

Indeed, certification is an excellent way to prove credibility and stand out amongst employers. It also shows how serious you’re about your career pathway. As a certified technician, you can work confidently and effectively to offer superior patient care and support. Most importantly, patients will easily trust you plus the services you offer.

It is an excellent service to help patients get the actual prescriptions to their diagnosis. It’s an even greater achievement to use your knowledge and skills to enable people to earn a healthy living.

Indeed, you can find lots of fulfillment in your career as a pharmacy technician. You can commit yourself to work devotedly and make a great societal impact. 

Furthermore, the pharmacy technicians certified by PTCB often receive better earnings. They tend to get more promotion opportunities compared to non-certified technicians. 

What’s more? Indeed, pharmacy certification can lead to:

  • Improved self-worth
  • Better job satisfaction
  • Enhanced knowledge
  • Capacity to place a significant impact on patient care

Along with the said benefits is the opportunity to work in establishments such as:

  • Private or public hospitals
  • Community pharmacies
  • Military bases
  • In-home health care facilities
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Educational settings
  • Managed health care organizations

Key Takeaways

Without a doubt, the healthcare field is here to stay. And, becoming a pharmacy technician can be an important place to impact society. It’s a profession with a lot at hand, including job stability. 

It feels good to work as a certified and trusted pharm tech representing high standards of practice. As a pharmacy technician, you need good communication skills, excellent customer service, and active listening. You also require critical thinking and an attitude of empathy to handle different patients. Such skills will help you fulfill this role better. 

Going to school to study is the first step to equipping you best with what you need to shine in pharmacy. Once you pass your exams and obtain the required certificate to operate as a pharmacy technician, you can go the extra mile. 

With the ability to make a significant impact on patient care, be sure to gain significant job satisfaction. These are lasting accomplishments that will inspire you to keep doing better. So, if you’re an aspiring pharmacy technician, you don’t have to delay further. You can start your journey of impacting lives today.