Pass AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam – Tips for Beginners


AWS Certification is amongst the most sought-after qualifications by recruiters. Getting your business processes done online is the best advantage that an entrepreneur can give to his/her organization. With AWS, all of it can be made real. Everyone has started to realize the real potential of Amazon Web Services, and it can be seen by the recent rise in the number of candidates applying for its training. Such courses let individuals prepare for AWS Certification exam.

If you are taking up your AWS exam for the first time, then we have useful information for you. Below you will read our valuable tips to pass AWS certification exam.

Know What You Are Preparing For:

Before applying for AWS certification, you must make sure if you are eligible for it. It will help if you are aware of how many questions would be asked so that you can pace your answers accordingly. Check out the exam details on the official website by clicking here: AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam Overview. On the site, you can also get information regarding the exam registration fee along with the registration option. You can attempt the AWS exam in English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese languages.

Apply for AWS Solutions Architect Associate Training:

By choosing such training, you will give yourself the best chance to learn industry practices. AWS Solutions Architect Association Training programs are aimed at imparting the necessary knowledge in students using which they can pass the certification exam with no problems. Training providers are specialized at teaching students by project-based and other helpful methods. You can consider checking reputed training organizations like AADS Education for AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Training from experts to help you guide, learn and clear the exam in first attempt.

Selecting such global training providers with numerous years of practical industry experts will help you acquire the skills guided by a better course structure and get better mentorship to grow your career.

Provide Ample Time:

You are your best evaluator. As you know where you stand, make sure to provide an ample amount of time to your preparation. Start slow, about a month from exam and peak at the end by dedicating more time. Divide the syllabus based on the ease of learning. Make sure to list them in terms of difficulty and mark the list down as you cover each topic. Also, reschedule the completed topics for later review. You will be able to retain what you learn if you go about this way.

Keep Practicing:

AWS Solutions Architect exam will not only test your theoretical knowledge but judge you on its application and concepts. So, instead of focusing on facts, it is better to practice everything you come across. With the hands-on practice, you will not only be able to learn AWS functions better, but you will also get to know its applications. Practicing is one of the primary reasons that we suggested you opt for AWS solution architect certification training. Reputed training centers like that of AADS Education emphasize heavily on practicing and produces top-notch AWS professionals.

Past Year Questions:

AWS certification exam is not a tough nut to crack. By following the tips mentioned here and getting familiar with past year questions, you can cut down on many efforts which you would have to put without following the suggestions here. Practicing past year questions will make you familiar with the exam pattern and continuously let you evaluate yourself. So, do not skip on them. Also, make sure to have a consult with your trainers during the program as to which questions are essential amongst the previously asked ones.


These are our useful tips to pass AWS certification exam. We conclude this post with the hopes that we were able to help you with your preparation through this post. Our best wishes are with you for your AWS exam.