Online Casino Target Audience in 2022


Some forms of online gambling in Korea are prohibited. Those caught in the act face the harsh side of the law. However, many citizens use advanced technology such as blockchain that helps them gamble without revealing their identity.

In 2021, the world watched an exclusive series covering South Korean gambling. The film displayed how both men and women were target audiences. Our expert, Wang Mi-Sun says: “라이브카지노의 주요 임무는 2022년에 자신의 타겟 고객을 강조하는 것입니다. 어려울 수 있습니다.”

College students

Online casino operators are targeting students in college as most universities and college students have mobile phones. Most students engage in social casino games, with thousands of students playing every day. One of the reasons why social casino games are popular among students is their availability on social network sites such as Facebook, which provides them with an opportunity to play casino games through embedded apps. In addition, social casino groups are heavily advertised on social media platforms and portray gambling as an attractive form of entertainment.

Many students believe that gambling may bring luck to their doorstep. Internet availability has forced them to switch to gambling to look for new sources of income. Most betting sites use popular sports professionals to advertise their casino gambling sites. Students try to mimic the sports professionals portrayed in ads and billboards by trying their luck in online casinos.


Gambling platforms have online casino games such as baccarat, roulette, slots, and poker. Men in South Korea have deep roots in gambling, and they are attracted to new technologies such as mobile gambling and blockchain. Casino operators have made it possible to use the latest technologies in the gambling industry. They ensure that gambling sites run seamlessly to avoid losing customers. In addition, software providers release new games every year to attract the male gender.

South Korean men are explorers and trying new games is always a welcome as they like to break the monotony of playing the same game. The large population of men loves sports, and once in a while, men place their bets on their favorite teams. Sports betting sites attract their customers through free bets and bonuses. Men like playing online tournaments on platforms that have a gambling license. In addition, men are attracted to challenging games, such as live casino games. The situation explains why 74% of South Korean men play video games, poker, and blackjack.


Online gambling is hitting unprecedented heights due to technological advancements that have favored the industry. The global online market is expected to value about $92.9 billion by 2023. The market’s current size is about $59 billion, meaning that the forecasted size is likely to double in the coming years. The best online casinos in South Korea are now targeting women fond of having their hands on mobile phones than men. Technology has changed the old norms of visiting traditional casinos.

With a mobile phone and high-speed internet, online casino players can catch a game of their choice. About 68.5% of women in Korea who play online games engage in online gambling. Women are now posing challenges in online casino tournaments by challenging the male gender. Software providers are releasing slots that have colors that resonate well with women. It is possible to see slots with pink themes, games with female characters, and well-dressed women on gambling billboards.

People working from home

Online gambling sites have gained popularity ever since COVID-19  struck the globe, and also led to an increase in online casino players. Many employees were forced to work from home to keep the ministry of health guidelines of social distancing. Casino operators have used advanced technology such as artificial intelligence to study people’s behavior. People working from home are likely to play a casino game as they have all the time at home. Before, they could work in offices where their bosses monitored their moves. People can catch a casino game at home and compete with their friends online. Playing online casino games is fun, but many should engage in casino games to get entertainment. Before, men dominated gambling, but the notion is changing as more women rise to dare their hands on online casino games. College and university students are the main online casino audience as they have more free time.