Office Layout Tips To Create A Functional And Productive Work Environment


You and your team will spend around 40 plus hours at the office every week. And how the office is designed will have a massive impact on productivity, general mood, and even health. So, if you want to ensure your work environment is functional enough to promote productivity, you should consider these office layout tips to create the ideal working space for you and your team.

Create A Plan

Before you can get started changing up the office, you will need to create a plan. Whether you are redesigning your current premises or you have just found a new office space, you should jot down your plan on paper to give yourself the best clarity. The best approach is to draw out the office floor space as this will allow you to map out sections and decide where everything will fit best.

Incorporate Functional Furnishings

If you are redesigning the office, now is the perfect time to throw out all the old furniture that’s wasting space. Opt for functional furnishings that coordinate well. It is also generally best to opt for quality furnishings that will last, as you won’t be redesigning the office frequently. Furnishings such as desks and chairs should optimize posture for employees, while there should also be furnishings in place for moments of relaxation, which are also crucial.

Add Welcoming Touches Of Nature

While you can consider taking notes from home landscaping tips if your office premises has an outdoor area, you can incorporate welcoming touches of nature even if your office is on the top floor of a skyscraper. You can consider these commercial planter dividers to section off areas of the office with touches of nature. Adding nature to the office environment is one of the most effective ways to boost the mood and ensure employees are positive and motivated as there are several advantages of being around nature.

Prioritize Tech Requirments

There’s no doubt that your office has various tech requirements; whether computers, scanners, and printers, or other kinds of tech, you must prioritize the placement of tech that keeps your business functioning. However, enhance the space by placing tech efficiently and ensuring any cables and wires are well out of the way of employees. The tech that employees share should be placed in a shared spot in the office.

Create Spaces That Promote Collaboration

A great way to promote productivity is to encourage collaboration. And the best way to promote collaboration is to ensure employees have a comfortable place to collaborate. This can be done by creating an office environment that encourages employees to move around freely. In addition, collaboration areas can also be sectioned off from the rest of the office, in which comfortable seating and other furnishings are provided. These spaces should be accessible even if sectioned off from the rest of the office. Once you have created a plan, be sure to incorporate proper lighting, as lighting quality can have a massive impact on productivity. Including a lighting plan in your office design layout is also pretty straightforward.