4 Landscaping and Lawn Tips to Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal


Fresno County’s housing market appears to be poised for a prosperous 2020. Real estate experts report that a total of 731 homes in Fresno County were sold in December 2019 alone. With the housing market gearing up, if you’re selling your own home, now is the time to make sure it gets snapped up.

But how can you make sure your home is bought quickly and for a good price? Improving your home’s curb appeal is an easy way to go about it. Studies have shown that even a slight rise in attractiveness can cause a 7.7 percent increase to your home’s final price tag.

You don’t have to plan a massive home renovation to bump up your home’s value, though. Simple landscaping and lawn care can go a long way in making your home more appealing. You can also consider hiring maintenance services in Montville NJ for this purpose. Here are some tips you can use to spruce up your yard and improve your curb appeal.

  • Keep Your Lawn Neat

Messy lawns and overgrown bushes can be a turn-off to home buyers.  Keeping your lawn spic and span can already make your property competitive. You can do simple chores around the yard, such as trimming hedges, mowing the turf, removing weed, and replacing unhealthy shrubbery, by yourself. But leave difficult tasks, such as uprooting dead trees, to experts who offer expert tree removal in Fresno.

  • Low-Maintenance Plants

Everyone loves a beautiful garden, but not every homeowner has the time to tend to their yard. How are you to attract potential buyers then?  You can impress them with a lovely garden display of low-maintenance plants. 

For example, perennial hibiscus is one of the hardiest flowers around. Its blooms come in very warm, tropical hues, but it can survive winter temperatures. On the opposite end of the scale, pentas can survive in most tropical environments and are even disease-resistant. With such plants populating your garden, you’ll have an easy time drawing potential buyers’ eyes.

  • Install a Fence

Plants aren’t your only resource in improving curb appeal. Simple installations make a lot of difference, too. A well-made fence adds a touch of nostalgic charm. Families with pets also appreciate fences, as it keeps their beloved companions contained.

If you want to go the extra mile, install wrought-iron fencing. Not only are these metallic boundaries sturdier than standard fencing, but they are also more imposing. Keep in mind, however, that wrought-iron installations are significantly more expensive and may not match your budget.

  • Get Artsy

Give your lawn more personality by getting artsy and adding a little touch of color. Statues and odd knick-knacks are perfect for this, and California’s flea markets and bargain shops are full of interesting objects you can place around your yard.

Weathervanes, statues of assorted materials, and even dreamcatchers can appeal to the right buyer. Remember to put just enough decorations to be eye-catching, but not so many that your yard begins to look like a garage sale. Selling your home can be tricky, but with a little cleanup and some curb appeal enhancement, you can secure a reasonable sale.


Landscaping and lawn makes your home look beautiful and make your life healthier and happier. This not just make your home look good but attracts potential buyers too. You can do it your own, hire a professional or try landscape directory to find a land scaping company around you.