Mothering Your Newborn and Being Productive as a Career Woman

Mothering Your Newborn and Being Productive as a Career Woman

Motherhood and Employment are Hard to Juggle

A lot of modern mothers get it wrong. They believe that being a mother isn’t as important as having a high-powered professional career. Well think about it, though: without children, what career leads anywhere? Children are the future, and if there are none, then so also disappears the future.

Having children and raising them to be strong and capable is like building a bridge into the world of tomorrow. So in a very real sense, being a good mother is every bit as important as being the executive of a multi-billion dollar corporation. In fact, when you consider some people go on to make multiple billions in their lives, maternity may be even more important.

Children who grow up with no parents, or bad parents, don’t tend to provide societal benefits. That’s not to say there aren’t exceptions. Some children become better individuals because they see the brokenness at home, and resolve never to be that way. Should we then enforce brokenness on children? Surely not: the exception is not the rule.

But here’s the thing—working a full-time job and being a full-time mom is extremely hard, if not impossible, and you’ve got to sustain associated “rhythm” in this regard for many years before daycare is a real option. How do you do it? Well, hopefully, the following tips help.

Options Available For Emergencies

Friends, family, relatives, daycare centers, pediatricians, emergency rations, first aid kits: you need all these things. You probably don’t need them all at once, but you’ll need one or the other at some point in the near future. Get the resources you need for unexpected circumstances so you can simply exercise those options when you must.

The Right Treatment for the Right Issue

When it comes to difficulty regarding a breastfeeding latch, you want to determine what the real issue is. The link can help. As a general rule of thumb, it can be worthwhile to wait a day or so and see if inflammation goes away on its own. Breastfeeding is a learning curve for most women, no matter how professional they are, so you want resources in lactation available in advance.

Comprehensive Preparation as Possible In Advance

When your child is conceived, you’ll have around nine months before they are born to prepare. Call it eight months to be realistic, during the last month it will be hard to get much done. Do your research at the beginning, get baby clothes, breast pumps, cradles, and other such items beforehand. Find support groups. Do as much as you can before the baby’s born.

Being a Mom and Maintaining Your Occupational Momentum

Maternity leave isn’t always available or isn’t always enough. Ask employers about Work From Home (WFH) options during the interim. Have options for emergencies. Get the right treatment for the right issue. Prepare comprehensively in advance. Such steps will help you be a good worker, and a better mom.