MLM System Software- Its Features, Modules, and Advantages


Enterprises that follow the network marketing business model or the pyramid business model need special software to keep track of the distributors, agents, payouts, and new recruits in the network.

Multi-Level Marketing is an affiliate management tool where an admin can manage the network and the users in the network. The users can use the software to access their network status, refer to new agents/ recruits, and manage their payouts. MLM software is provided by various companies in the market. Most of these software solutions are designed to assist enterprises in making their business model efficient and fast. The aim is to increase profits by increasing sales.

The software can be customized to add additional features and integrate other systems to facilitate enterprises in aligning the software with their business model. E-commerce integrations are popular with most business enterprises as makes the payouts easier.

The MLM System Software has various compensation plans which define how the calculation of the commission and dividends work. Based on the business model of the enterprise the compensation plan is selected by the enterprises and customized for further ease of management.

Let us take a look at the advantages of using MLM software before moving to know more about the basic features available with the software and the modules which can be added according to the requirements of the enterprise.

Advantages of using MLM software:

  • It provides a global reach and allows the enterprises to connect with the audience on a wider scale. When compared to the traditional method of interacting with one person at a time by visiting their homes, the software helps in contacting numerous customers at once.
  • The software makes it easy to recruit and train new agents online. Enterprises can save money spent on classroom training sessions.
  • The software has a time-generated reporting feature. Tasks can be scheduled, and all the transactions are instantly processed.
  • The software offers high-speed commission processing and accurate information. All complex calculations are handled with ease.
  • The business turnover, profit, and expenses can be analyzed in real-time.
  • The system is transparent, reliable, and makes it easy to manage the agents in various levels of the network.
  • The software keeps the information confidential by providing limited access. It keeps the transactions secure.
  • The software can support various compensation plans and allows the customization of the plans for better results.

Basic Features of MLM System Software:

  • Dynamic Compression System
    • Dynamic compression compresses the ineligible distributors on the levels and calculates the pay accordingly.
    • It consumes no additional bandwidth and is highly effective in speeding up the payouts.
  • Backend Caching Technology
    • This technology helps in caching the required information at the backend in a compressed form. It will boost the speed and efficiency of the software.
  • Web-based Management
    • The software can be used and accessed from any location and any device. It works on desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. All it requires is an internet connection and a web browser.
    • The pages will fit the screen width automatically so that users do not have to worry about adjusting the screen settings to view the entire data.
  • Easy Navigation           
    • The navigation system is simple and uncomplicated. There is no duplication of pages, nor do the users have to search for links to various pages. The important ones will be listed in the menu and take users directly to the specified page.
    • The interface is easy to use and provides a pleasant user experience.
  • Extensible
    • The software can be customized to any extent based on the requirements of the enterprise. From changing the themes, language, and colors to social media integration, the software is highly extensible.

MLM Software Modules

  • Multi-currency Module
    • Enterprises will benefit from integrating the multi-currency module into the software. With most businesses being operated globally, this allows the users to read the prices in the currency of their nation.
  • Auto Responder
    • Emails can be sent automatically to users in the network. The admins do not have to respond immediately to each email or send information individually.
  • Ticket System Module
    • This module helps in keeping track of the users’ complaints and resolving them at a faster pace.
  • E-Wallet Module
    • It is a storage place of virtual money. Users can store their money in the e-wallets and use them later on.
  • E-Voucher Module
    • This module allows users to conduct their transactions securely and easily. The e-vouchers can be generated using the dashboard by the admins.

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