Math Technology Tools to Engage Students

Mathematics class room illustration

Many students are not passionate about Mathematics and feel disconnected in the class. Therefore to engage them in interactive mathematical activities, there are many virtual tools introduced to create more dynamic learning possibilities. Some very easy to use and beneficial math technology tools are:

  • Sig-fig Calculator
  • GeoGebra
  • Popplets
  • Graphing calculators
  • Sum Dog
  • Plickers
  • Google classroom
  • Study Geek

They push students towards self-exploration and allow them to see that Math is an integral part of everyday life.

Sig-fig Calculator

Also known as Significant Figure Calculator is used to convert any number into a new number with the desired amount of significant figures. It can perform arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, division and multiplication on multiple numbers as well as rounding off to the desired number of significant figures. It can do operations on equations that are in scientific notation.

Significant Figures Rules

While performing mathematical tasks, it is important to determine which numbers are significant and which are not, the following rules must be applied:

  • Non-zero digits are considered significant figures.
  • Zero that occurs on the left side of any decimal value that is less than 1 is not considered significant.
  • Zeros that occurs between non zero numbers are always significant.
  • All the trailing zeros that are placeholders are not significant unless the decimal point is specified.
  • The number can be rounded if it exceeds in digits that are not significant numbers.
  • Zeros that appear at the end of the numbers which are not significant but you cannot remove them as it might affect the results unless you change them into scientific notation.

Following the rules that are described above, you can calculate Significant Figures by hand but using sig fig counter is far more preferable. It will do ambiguous calculations and provides the answer with the desired number of significant digits. It is very important to notify that sig-fig calculators do not convert numbers into scientific notations.


GeoGebra is a very advanced mathematical tool for all levels of education. It helps you strengthen your skills in many mathematical disciplines such as geometry, algebra, statistics, calculus, spreadsheets and graphing. While using it online, you can make a personal account to access the offered features fully, interact with many people to get online help and share resources. It also enables students to have a virtual class by creating their group.

It is available on many platforms such as Windows, Android, iOS. You can download it on your computers, cellular phones, iPads and you can also have online access.


It enables students to visualize and organize ideas. They can use it to learn mathematical concepts and to create relationships between numbers using a multiplication anchor chart. This tool allows us to capture facts and visualize their thoughts.

Graphing Calculator

Graphing calculators enable students to plot graphs, solve equations, calculate fractions, logarithms and also helps in performing tasks with variables. The most commonly used online graphing calculators are:

  • Desmos
  • Mathway
  • GraphCalc

Sum Dog

It is a digital learning tool that urges students to take part in mathematical activities. They can practice learned skills individually in their math class using sum dog to overcome their weak points. Teachers can use data assessment to conduct lessons and provide the class with the instructions as well as progress reports.


It is an innovative technology allowing students to take part in in-class activities in the absence of electronic devices and help teachers to collect formative assessment data to evaluate the concepts of students.


All of these math technology tools help students to take control of their academic achievements and develop a positive relationship with the subject they were uncertain about.