List of Temperature Sensor Manufacturers for IoT Development

Image Source: SparkFun Electronics

If you are looking for temperature sensor manufacturers then you have landed at the right place. May it be you are an IoT developer or IoT hardware distributors, these temperature sensor manufactures will be the right choice for you. In our research we have found some interesting temperature sensors manufacturers, manufacturing and distributing their products worldwide.

What is a temperature sensor?

Temperature sensor is used to measure amount of heat energy that allows detecting a physical change in temperature from a particular source and converts the data for a device, user or application. In today’s IoT world these sensors are being used widely. You can find them from your home to manufacturing units.

List of Temperature Sensor Manufacturers

# Company Name Products Website
1 Amphenol Temperature Sensor
2 Microchip Temperature Sensor
3 Texas Instruments Temperature Sensor
4 STMicroelectronics Temperature Sensor
5 Melexis Temperature Sensor
6 TDK Temperature Sensor