List of IoT Startups in Noida & Greater Noida

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Noida has become a hub for IT and IoT companies. As the city is blessed with a favourable ecosystem for industrial growth, Noida has attracted many internet of things and the industrial internet of things companies to establish a permanent base here in the last few years. Noida along with Greater Noida houses hundreds of IoT startups, working in different industrial segments. In our research, we concluded a list of IoT companies in Noida and Greater Noida having their development centre in the city.

A number of IT and software giants like HCL, TCS, NIIT, Wipro, Adobe and IBM have set up their offices in Noida which attract many other startups and MNCs to come and establish their development centre in the city. Good infrastructure and better connectivity with Delhi makes these two cities the best choice to invest and operate in.

List of IoT Companies in Noida

# Company Name Location Founded 
1 enCypher Sector-3, Noida 2014
2 Limiteless Mobility C-84B, Second Floor, Sector-8, Noida 2008
3 Tevatrontech Sector-3, Block-F, Noida NA