List of IoT Startups in Bangalore

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Bangalore has established as a technology hub and known as a silicon valley of India. IoT (Internet of Things) is one of the hot evolving industries, attracting young entrepreneurs and investors. According to a list published by IoTNEXT, an annual technology event organized by India Electronics & Semiconductor Association (IESA), Bangalore, more than 80% IoT startups are based out of Bangalore.

Few of the below mentioned companies also in the industrial internet of things and have developed an automated solution for smart factories. Here is the list of IoT companies in Bangalore.

List of IoT Startups in Bangalore

# Company Name City Products
1 Cooey Bangalore Healthcare
2 Car IQ Bangalore Automobile Analytics
3 Altiux Bangalore Smart Homes
4 Enterox Bangalore Cloud and Big Data
5 Wireless Controls Bangalore Wireless Controls
6 Uncanny Vision Bangalore Embedded System
7 Light Metrics Bangalore Connected Trucks
8 Things Cloud Bangalore Smat Energy
9 SAAR Microsystems Bangalore Industrial IoT
10 Connovate Technology Bangalore Connected Devices
11 Mango Man Bangalore Smart TV
12 Knowledge Lense Bangalore Big Data
13 PluggX Lab Bangalore Smart Homes

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