List of Gas Sensor Manufacturers for IoT Development

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If you are looking for gas sensor manufacturers then you have landed at the right place. May it be you are an IoT developer or IoT hardware distributors these gas sensor manufactures will be the right choice for you. In our research we have found some interesting gas sensors manufacturers, manufacturing and distributing their products worldwide.

What is a gas sensor?

Gas sensors are used to monitor changes in the air quality and detect the presence of various gases in the air. These sensors are being used in various home safety and industrial applications. A gas sensor could be used to detect a single type of gas traces in the air or multiple. Usually companies are manufacturing different sensor to detect each gases. Let’s take an example of LPG gas sensor which is being used widely at home to detect LPG leakage. LGP sensor detects traces of LPG gas in the air and can send data to the application with the density of gas in the air.

Following are some common Gas sensors:

  • Carbon dioxide sensor
  • Breathalyzer
  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • Catalytic bead sensor
  • Hydrogen sensor
  • Air pollution sensor
  • Nitrogen oxide sensor
  • Oxygen sensor
  • Ozone monitor
  • Electrochemical gas sensor
  • Gas detector
  • Hygrometer

List of Gas Sensor Manufacturers

# Company Products Website
1 Libelium Gas Sensors
2 SparkFun Gas Sensors
3 AMS Gas Sensors
4 Sensirion AG Gas Sensors
5 SGX Sensortech Gas Sensors
6 IDT Gas Sensors
7 SPEC Sensor Gas Sensors
8 Amphenol Gas Sensors
9 Parallax Gas Sensors