List of Flow Sensor Manufacturers for IoT Development


If you are looking for flow sensor manufacturers then you have landed at the right place. May it be you are an IoT developer or IoT hardware distributors, these flow sensor manufactures will be the right choice for you. In our research we have found some interesting flow sensor manufacturers, manufacturing and distributing their products worldwide. If you want to experience a robust IoT development then we would like to recommend following flow sensor manufacturing companies for your next generation products.

What is a flow sensor?

Flow is used to measure the instant flow rate or quantity of a gas or liquid passing through a pipeline. These sensors are also known as flow gauge, flow indicator, liquid meter and flow measure IoT sensors.

# Company Name Products Website
1 Cynergy 3 Flow Sensors
2 Honeywell Flow Sensors
3 AMS Flow Sensors
4 Omran Flow Sensors
5 Sensirion AG Flow Sensors
6 IDT Flow Sensors