Go Through The Glossary and Learn The Terms of The Game to Perform Better

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Isn’t it amazing to learn new terms even through games? Players use quite different terms from daily activities. When there is a use of new terms, people give birth to curiosity. Most people even consider learning new or interesting things. If we talk about rummy card names that are used in the game, you must be familiar with some of the terms. But are you sure that you understand them correctly? Thus, we are here to help you.

The below-mentioned glossary will help you in understanding the terms clearly. If you enjoy playing rummy card games and want to be better at rummy cards name, then you must read all these terms.


Let’s first take a look at varieties of rummy games.

101 Pool Rummy

In this type of rummy game, there is the rule of elimination and the plaw hatch manages to stay in the game until the end and will be considered the winner. A player is considered eliminated when his points reach 101.

201 Pool Rummy

In the 201 pool Rummy game, players will be considered eliminated when their points reach 201. The players who manage to stay in the game till the end will be considered as the winner. It is somewhat similar to the 101 Pool Rummy game.

Terms of the game to perform better


When we talk about the rummy cards name, this term is used for cash rummy tournament game fees which players have to pay as their entry fee. 


This term is used when rummy cards are distributed to all the players by the dealer at the beginning of the game.


Each player who starts the game or first deals with the cards.


If a player completes the objective of a rummy game, then he has to finish the game by discarding the card to finish the slot and declare the hand cards to the opponents. 


The player has to draw a card from the deck and then put the card on the Open deck. The procedure of putting up a card on the Open Deck is known as discarding or discarding a card.


When a player picks a card either from a Closed Deck or open deck, then it is known as drawing or drawing a card.

Face Card

Kings, Queens and Jacks of all the suits are known as Face Cards and the players use this rummy card name very frequently.

Impure Sequence 

The impure sequence comes into use when a set or sequence is formed of three or more consecutive cards with Joker.

Pure Sequence 

When a set or sequence is formed of three or more consecutive cards without a joker.


It is the same everywhere whether you see rummy card names or any other. In a deck of 52 cards, there are 4 aces of each suit i.e spade, hearts, diamonds and clubs. Ace can be considered as a higher card as well as a lower card. It depends on the consideration of the players as to how they consider the Ace such as Ace-King-Queen and Ace-2-3. 


This term is used to read sequences and is a popular rummy cards name. 


This is the term used to count the points. The players who lose the games get the points according to the sequences arranged by him. When you will play the game in GetMega, this term is going to be familiar to you.


The sequence is said when there are three or more consecutive cards of the same suit. For example 7-8-9 of diamonds will be considered as a pure sequence. The series of the sequences are from Ace to King. A-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K-A.


When the game is over, the dealer has to mix the cards well before starting to deal with the next game. The process of mixing cards is known as the shuffling of cards.

Unmatched card

Some cards are not suitable to make a sequence or set when the opponent has declared the rummy. The loser of the game is charged with the points of the unmatched cards. These are also known as unarranged cards that means the card can’t be arranged for a set.


A set is considered when three or more cards of the same number are arranged. For example, the three 7s of any three suits are forming a set. But when you are playing a rummy game with multiple packs of cards, then you cannot make a valid set with two cards of the same suit. For example, you cannot make a set with one 8 of Spades and three 5’s of diamonds. Here you can also use a joker to make a set.


We have provided lots of terms which are also rummy cards names. We have observed that cards have different names in different games which you need to remember. But if you use these terms in regular life, then you will not face difficulty in playing the games. 

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