Why Leaflet and Flyer Marketing Still Work in Australia

Flyer and leaflet distribution

Not only do Australians like receiving mail, but almost all of them check their letterboxes every day. Receiving a leaflet or catalogue is one of the most important tools that influence their buying decisions. That’s because the classic letterbox drop is one of Australia’s most preferred and traditional marketing strategies.

Invariably, leaflet distribution in Australia is one of the best ways for local businesses to reach new customers and keep in touch with the existing ones.

But how is this type of marketing still relevant in the technological era?

Here’s how:

Australian households still use the letterbox

With so many text applications and social media sites at hand, most of our communication is online these days. However, the trend of receiving physical mail is still largely prevalent in Australia, and many folks receive mail from family or friends.

Most Australians do not mind receiving promotional material in their mail. This has helped keep leaflet and flyer letterbox drops alive. In fact, during the 2011 to 2015 period, over 42% of people even bought some of the products the leaflets advertised.

They are more likely to respond to addressed mail

Leaflets are an effective way to promote all kinds of things, be it educational, medical, service-based, or generic items. Keeping this in mind, advertisers in Australia have come up with intelligent designs and catchy content that gets the consumers’ attention. Also, when brands target their loyal customers by addressing mails by their names, it has a more significant impact on them.

A vast majority of Australians said they would respond to promotional posts when they were addressed to them personally, were from brands they already have a relationship with, and if they could control whether or not they received the mails.

Marketing campaigns and diverse distribution methods

When it comes to leaflet distribution in Australia,there are many options to choose from. Reputable offline marketing agencies in Australia use tools such as door-to-door distribution, direct mail, and delivery by hand, among other things.

Businesses can select a method of distribution depending on the type of products they sell and their target market. These marketing agencies can help them decide on the right marketing strategies, keep track of them, and study how effective they are.

It is cost-effective

Running an online advertisement in Australia could cost you somewhere around $5000 to $15000 on average. And that estimate will change depending on the product or service advertised and the channel of advertisement.

However, for the lower end of that range, say $5000, you can have thousands of flyers and leaflets printed and posted directly to customers’ letterboxes. It is an economical method to connect with your customers in the real world, getting your message directly into their hands.

It is legal to deliver advertising material directly to letterboxes in Australia. The exception is when owners have no junk mail or other such signs on their mailbox. Then, fines are applicable. So, to ensure leaflet and flyer distribution is effective, you can incorporate creative designs, unbeatable offers, and sufficient samples, among other key things. Also, remember to target the right audiences for your product.