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One of the most portable languages available at a developer’s disposal, java helps in developing a highly distributed web application. It can even help in making a desktop application or mobile application. A talented developer is all it takes to build a more than efficient application.

Java is an object-oriented programming language which has a simple object model, derived from C and C++. That is why Java will have a bright future in India, with an impressive salary package.

Here is the detailed analysis of Java Developer Job Description

Skills Required To Be A Java Programmer      

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in either Computer Science, Engineering or any other related field
  • Knowledge of web Frameworks like Struts or Spring
  • Thorough knowledge of java development
  • Knowledge of relational databases as well as SQL and ORM technologies
  • Codes like Servlets and JSP
  • Web Services – protocol like SOAP and architectural pattern like REST
  • Web Technologies like CSS, HTML
  • Markup Languages like JSON
  • Profound experience in designing and developing applications with the use of JAVA EE Platforms

Scope And Salary Of JavaDeveloper/Programmer

The technical knowledge that a java developer inculcates is highly in demand. There are immense opportunities present for a java programmer. A number of IT Companies are looking for professionals who are efficient in managing multiple projects in J2EE. In fact, technologies are the highest paying services in the industry.

The average annual salary of a java developer is around INR 3,91,797. However, experience is a major factor that can alter the figure of your salary in this profession. Java language has become one of the most in-demand languages for the market. As a result, even the salary of java professionals is becoming very lucrative in India.

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Why Is Java In Demand?

Java was introduced in the year 1995. And since then, the importance of the language has only risen above.

  • People’s Popularity of Programming Language Index ranks languages according to their popularity. According to PPPLI, Java has the largest share as the search language for tutorials.
  • With the advent of digitization, all the companies are going digital. Because of this step and change, a lot of companies will need Java developers and Programmers.
  • India has a $150 billion IT services outsourcing industry. All of them are adapting to changes because of automation and the adoption of higher digital technologies. So the demand for Java developers and programmers is going to increase.
  • Multiple surveys have been conducted a lot of times. All of the surveys present the same trend that the most widely used programming language not just in a particular country but worldwide is Java.

In India, big and successful companies like Wipro, IBM Global Services, Cognizant, HCL, Tata and many other multinationals have job opportunities for java developers. Java developers contribute in all the phases of the cycle of development. Almost all companies need java developers to design, developing and ultimately delivering high-quality applications. The applications need to be of high-volume as well as of low-latency.

Java developers are the most sought-after talents in the industry of technology. If you have the skills, knowledge, talent and proper practice, the opportunities in the field of this career are endless.

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