IT Support: An Expert’s Take on 2020 Trends

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Over the years, we have seen huge transformations in the technological world. Businesses have embraced technology and used it to gain a competitive edge. Customer experience has also gained importance in businesses over time. In 2020, businesses will take customer service to new heights as trends and technology evolve even further. Companies will be looking for new and innovative ways to deliver customer service.

The following are key trends in IT support that will have a huge impact this year

| Building customer loyalty

In 2020, businesses will use IT support to enhance their customers’ experience and build close relationships with them. Businesses know that customers want to be appreciated. They also know that how customers feel about their brands will determine how loyal they will be to the business. Loyal customers are repeat buyers who recommend your brand to others.

As such, companies will be seeking to use IT support to build customer trust and foster positive feelings towards their brands. To achieve this, they will use the customer-centered approach in decision making while empowering their employees to deliver quality customer service through training and development programs.

| Emphasizing product service

Instead of just selling products, companies will seek to sell services around the products they offer. This move is based on the fact that customers are no longer replacing old products with newer versions. On the contrary, they are seeking to get a better experience with what they already have.

This includes getting better access to products rather than owning them. This means that businesses must shift their focus from just selling products to finding new ways of improving the way they deliver services. In 2020, businesses will focus more on ensuring that customers have easy access to such services. It is this shift of focus that will give them a competitive advantage over their competitors.

| Personalizing customer services

Personalization makes a whole lot of difference to customers and in 2020, IT support will be the tool that businesses use to personalize customer services. Writing emails that refer to by name is a great way of building loyalty for your brand. Rather than generalizing services, providing personalized customer services shows customers that you are paying attention to their unique needs.

Customizing your interactions with customers is a simple step that goes a long way in giving them exclusive experience. By doing so, you build a solid relationship between your brand and the customers. The best way to personalize services is by understanding customers. This means taking the time to know what they need by listening to them. Be sensitive to their feelings as you interact with them and ensure that your customer support team is empathetic and emotionally intelligent.

| Motivating  employees

In 2020, companies are going to use IT support to motivate their employees. The focus on staff is informed by the fact that good customer experience relies on those who interact with customers and their well being. Staffs, particularly those in the customer service function have to deal with angry customers and work long hours responding to customer queries and requests.

To keep the employees motivated, businesses will embrace IT support technologies such as help desks and knowledge bases to automate routine tasks and empower customers to solve problems on their own. These efforts will reduce the workload for employees making it easy for them to manage customer queries.

In addition, IT support will enable businesses to maintain healthy communication with staff by closing the feedback loop between companies and employees. It will also make performance management easier for businesses, enabling them to recognize and reward employees’ efforts accordingly.

| Strengthening cybersecurity

In 2020, brands will focus on strengthening their cybersecurity to protect their businesses and users from hackers. Cyber threats evolve with the evolution of technology and this year, you can expect to see more advanced cyber attacks.

To counter these threats, businesses will seek to adopt the safest authentication methods. The use of biometrics will increase and in some companies, behavioral controls to curb impersonation and identity theft will be integrated.

Though for most companies secure authentication will appear to be costly and cumbersome in the short run, it will prove cost-effective in the long run. A major advantage of secure authentication is the trust it earns a business from customers. Apart from being loyal, such customers become ambassadors of the business.

| Bottom Line

2020 is a year that will see businesses focus more on improving customer experience through IT support. Brands are expected to focus more on managing technology in a way that customer needs are met with satisfaction. For businesses that find it challenging to take this step, engaging experts like Bundaberg IT Support will enable them to find efficient solutions that help them stay competitive and realize their desired results faster and with less hustle.