Is Torrenting Illegal? Top Tips to Torrent Safely and Securely


For online users, torrenting is the only way to download latest movies, tv shows, games, music and much more for free. However, the many users don’t know how torrenting works and it can easily get you in trouble if you are not cautious. So, this article is for all those who torrent daily but don’t know the mechanics behind it, the vulnerabilities in torrenting, and we will show you some effective tips to torrent safely and securely without getting in trouble.

Before getting into the detail, let’s start with some basic questions that frequently comes in mind.

What Is Torrenting?

Torrenting is basically a file sharing method that is based on peer-to-peer technology. It lets a large number of online users to share and download content without relying on a single source to download the whole file. Every year, more than 200 million users use torrenting as a way to download their favorite content.

In the user’s perspective, torrenting may seem easy and simple, but there is a lot going on behind the curtains that not many users know about. However, users don’t need to know about everything torrenting to make it work. However, there are a few things that users should know to make torrenting safe and easy for them.

How Torrenting Works

In torrenting, the first thing that you should know and may have come across are trackers, leechers, and seeders. These three are important things you should know about when downloading your desired content. The torrent software in your computer locates the file you want to download, upload or share with the help of trackers. Once the file is located, you will be able to download the file.

Once you start to download the file, it will break into small components and they are then distributed over the network. After the downloading is completed, you become a seeder, and now you will become the part of file sharing network. Once the file you downloaded is available for sharing, another person can download it and so he becomes a leecher.

More seeders for the file you want to download means faster speed. More leechers for the file you are sharing mean slower speeds.

Is Torrenting Illegal?

The true answer to that is NO, torrenting is completely legal worldwide. However, downloading copyrighted content such as the latest movies, TV series or games is illegal in many countries, but torrenting enables you to do just that. Downloading copyright content without the permission of the owner is simply inviting trouble. Excluding that, you can download any other content without worrying about getting into trouble.

Is Torrenting Safe?

As said above, torrenting copying content, there is a chance that you might get traced and punished by the authorities. Torrenting definitely carries a lot of risks and it is not safe to download the latest content if you’re going to do it without any safety precautions.

How Do People Get Caught Torrenting Copyrighted Content?

Torrent uses a file sharing method based on BitTorrent technology. The service allows users to share their IPs in order to facilitate downloading. However, the method doesn’t secure your traffic in any way. This means your online traffic can easily be traced by your internet provider. Your ISP will know what you are downloading and if they caught torrenting illegal files they will take legal action against you. They will track the IP of those torrenting, and they find an IP sharing a file illegally, they will give your IP and logs of your online traffic to the authorities, who then can charge you with infringement of copyright laws.

ISPs and government authorities are always working to make life difficult for users who torrent copyrighted material and pirated content. They may block access to the torrenting website you visit or worse send you a DMCA notice.

Tips on How to Torrent Safely and Securely

With so many complications and danger lurking over the internet, it’s difficult to understand why users frequently torrent illegal content. Maybe because through torrenting everything becomes free and easy to download. This reason alone has forced us to give you some effective tips on how you can torrent your favorite content safely and securely.

If you’ve decided to take precautions to eliminate any risk of getting in legal trouble while torrenting, then you need to consider these following essential safety tips:

Don’t download the very latest content

It’s sometimes really difficult to stop yourself from torrenting the latest Movies and shows as soon as they get released. While there is no other way to enjoy all the latest movies and series at home this easily, this is where you can get caught by copyright trolls who are always looking to catch those torrenting illegally. So, you must skip torrenting latest content if you’re going to do it without any protection.

Use a VPN for torrenting

A VPN is a security software that creates a secure network for you to browse safely and securely. It hides your IP and encrypts your online traffic so your ISP and surveillance won’t be able to see your online activities. We recommend to get a VPN it is the best security measure you could possibly take.

VPN not only gives you online security but also device security as well as other benefits like giving you access to restricted content and also giving you a smooth browsing experience away from unnecessary advertisements, ISP throttling and much more.

Consider using a good antivirus software

Whatever you torrent, a game, movie or an app, the files you download through torrent usually includes viruses that you won’t even know of until your system or device shows bad symptoms or gets hacked completely. Most people don’t just share files on torrent for your needs, but they sometimes share files to get access to the system of anyone who downloads it.

The best way to stop your system from getting hacked and into harm’s way is by using a good antivirus software that will defend your system and your personal files in it. Antiviruses like Avira, AVG, and McAfee would give you device security in the best way possible.

Configure Your Torrent Client

There are various torrent client software available for downloading torrents. Many of these software also comes with security features like the option to encrypt the torrent files you’re downloading in order to hide them from your ISP. Although a torrent client may not completely secure your torrent files but it is still something that will allow you to torrent safely.

Find Torrents on Respected Sites

Torrenting files from unknown websites will definitely harm your system with viruses and other malicious files that can take control of your computer and you won’t be able to do anything. The best thing you can do to stop this from happening is by browsing torrents on respected and trusted websites. If you found a torrent website that you don’t know anything about, don’t download from there until you know it’s trusted and safe.

Final Words

Torrenting is risky but with the right tools and tips, you can securely and safely torrent everything you ever wanted. If you’re not cautious about torrenting, you not far from getting caught in the hands of government authorities. The most important thing to do to stay away from legal trouble is to torrent on trusted websites and use security tools like Antivirus or VPN to avoid any chance of getting caught for copyright infringement. We recommend a VPN because it gives you complete online security and at the same time secures your devices from all kinds of cyber threats. You must consider the tips we have provided above if you want to torrent securely and safely.

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Rafid Athar is a marketing professional-turned-tech writer who has a successful career at FastestVPN that made a drastic change when his interest in technology and international cyber laws became evident. Rafid’s love for new technology is profound and well addressed.