Interior Design Tools For Professionals That Are Worth Giving A Try


In today’s modern world, technology has also changed the way interior design works. Previously, most experienced interior designers carry their thick, heavy portfolio filled with design ideas, tools, and even papers for sketching floor plans.

Luckily, with the advent of technological innovations in the design industry, being tech-savvy will now be part of your career as a professional interior designer. There are interior design software tools that can help make your job easier and more fulfilling. These can help you in getting some design ideas and handling actual design work for your clients. 

So, if you want to become a great interior designer, below are some interior design tools that are worth giving a try: 

#1 Room Planner Home Design

One of the best interior design tools for professionals is the Room Planner Home Design application. This app technology, which is both available for Android and iPhone, can help you create a floor plan in 2D and 3D. Also, it allows you to navigate the visuals by applying various color palettes and incorporating furniture accessories. 

Aside from the visuals, the Room Planner Home Design software tool can also be used for measuring room dimensions. Lastly, if you want to impress your client with the interior layout, you can use the app to take them to the virtual tours.

Typically, interior designers like you aren’t only in-demand for people who are building their homes for the first time. You can also be of great help to people who want to renovate their new home before moving. For instance, you can work together with experienced movers and packers in providing interior design tips and ideas and making your moving clients happy. While they’re busy with the logistics of the relocation, you, on the other hand, can use this interior design app to help the client visualize and remodel their new home before their arrival. We recommend checking moving companies NYC, if you are looking for a reliable moving partner in New York.  

#2 SketchUp

Another innovative interior design tool that’s worth giving a try is the SketchUp. It’s a 

comprehensive 3D design software that can make it seem that you’re roaming around a well-designed home. If you’re a professional interior designer, this app comes with construction, architecture, engineering, and business interior designing features. 

Moreover, if you’re not a techie person, there’s nothing to worry about because there are many tutorials that can help you get started with your job. Hence, whether you’re working on a construction or a renovation project, SketchUp can be one of the sought-after tools you should consider. 

#3 Virtual Architect Ultimate

If you want to make interior designing fun and easy, using the Virtual Architect Ultimate app can be an excellent idea. Unlike other software tools, this interior design app allows you to experiment with different colors, objects, textures, making the entire home décor process more enjoyable. 

Also, Virtual Architect Ultimate comes with a library of many household items such as molding, furniture, flooring, paints, window coverings, and textures. Using these items, you can make personalized interior design in the app. Lastly, the software has a cost estimator tool and a material list that can make the whole process of designing much easier and faster. 

#4 SmartDraw

Ideally, SmartDraw is one of the best tools you can use when it comes to floor planning. It comes with advanced features, allowing professional designers like you to make use of intricate interior designs. From a wide range of building materials and furniture to an endless selection of floor plan examples and ideas, you can definitely create beautiful layouts for your clients. Just explore the app, and you’ll see how it can help your job as an interior designer. 

#5 Studio By Minutes Matters

Before, many interior designers have spent  more time mastering their interior design sketches. But, with the advent of tools like Studio by Minutes Matter, sketching is no longer time-consuming. This interior design app comes with numerous interior design sketches. Instead of dealing with a blank screen, you can easily choose easy-to-use templates and 2D CAD illustrations for your next design projects. 

For example, you can take advantage of the app’s drag-and-drop feature, letting clients picture out fixtures, furniture, lighting, appliances, and many more in your room design. This can also be one of the best ways to approach interior design projects when moving house with professionals like Manhattan movers

Bottom Line

Indeed, the interior designing process takes a lot of time, skills, resources, and effort. From preparation to final execution, you need to be one hundred percent sure of your design ideas to make your clients happy. 

Thankfully, with the innovative interior design tools listed above, you can make your job as seamless as possible.