Interesting Cases of Robberies in History


Mysterious hoods sliding in the shadows, daring plans disappearing without a trace – the story of robberies has always attracted our imagination and made our hearts beat faster. If you love intrigue and thrills, then you should visit the 22Bet.

For centuries, the world has witnessed amazing, intriguing, and unusual robberies that have left an indelible mark in books and on movie screens. In this article, we will dive into the world of criminal genius and tell you about the five most incredible robberies in history.

Thomas Blood

On the morning of May 9, 1671, Thomas Blood and a small group of accomplices sneaked into the Tower of London, outwitted the guards, and were able to get the crown of the British monarchy encrusted with precious stones. Although Blood was captured very quickly, King Charles II was allegedly so impressed by his courage and gift for intrigue that he not only saved his life but also gave him a vast estate in Ireland. 

Blood was known as court intrigue and spy. By the time he died in 1680, his reputation for duplicity was well known. The authorities even ordered his corpse to be exhumed to make sure that Blood did not fake his death.

Michael Fagan

This man is known as the man who once broke into Buckingham Palace. No, not to steal something, but just to walk through the halls of the world’s most famous residence of kings. This thought occurred to him at 7 a.m., after he got drunk in a local pub and walked home past the palace. Michael Fagan carried out his great hack on July 9, 1982. He managed to spend as much as 15 minutes in the corridors unnoticed until he was captured by the police officers who arrived. 

What punishment followed for the royal invasion? A long prison term? No, Fagan went completely unpunished. Surprisingly, at that time there were no special laws providing for responsibility for entering Buckingham Palace. It was just a civil offense. Although the queen could have brought him to justice, she did not do it because she was too busy.

The Theft of the Mona Lisa

One of the most audacious thefts in history was the theft from the Louvre of the famous painting by the great master Leonardo da Vinci — Mona Lisa. This happened in 1911. Vincenzo Perugia worked at the Louvre as a glazier. One day he noticed that no one was guarding the painting and could not resist the temptation to steal it. Vincenzo went straight to the painting, took it off the wall, got rid of the frame on the stairs, then hid the Gioconda under his coat and, as if nothing had happened, left the museum. After that, for two years, the masterpiece of art was stored in a suitcase with a double bottom, in the apartment of the kidnapper in Paris. The robber was caught trying to sell a stolen painting in Italy.


The wilds of history are punctuated by audacious heists and bold criminals whose acts have sometimes left society in awe. From traditional feats like the theft of the Mona Lisa and the audacious break-in at Buckingham Palace to modern-day cyber crimes affecting millions of people, the nature of robbery has evolved, but the thrill it provides to onlookers remains the same.