Importance of Dental Checkups


Did you know the oral health status of 170 residents of seniors’ housing centers in Winnipeg, Canada? About 46% reported visiting a dentist within the previous year, and 68% felt they needed dental treatment. However, a lack of perceived need is the primary reason why dental care is not sought more frequently.

Almost every dentist Winnipeg recommends their patients get an oral checkup at least twice a year. Are you aware of the importance and benefits of a regular dental checkup?

Prevents cavity

For many people, the best reason to visit the dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings is to avoid cavities. This is because it is much cheaper to get a cleaning than to fill a cavity or get a root canal. Also, teeth cleanings are much more pleasant experiences than having dental caries filled.

Stops bad breath

The bacteria that stay in the mouth that cause bad breath can be controlled through regular dental cleaning by a professional. Regular self-clean-up of teeth can help keep your breath fresh, but regular dental cleanings are also important for maintaining an odour-free oral environment.

Oral cancer detection

Recent increases in oral cancer have prompted dentists to perform oral cancer screenings during routine exams. These simple tests allow dentists in Winnipeg to identify and remove problematic tissues early, improving treatment outcomes. This can be tested in simple steps like:

  • A visual inspection of your face, neck, lips and inside your nose will be performed using a light, mirror and tongue depressor. Any asymmetries, swelling or bumps will be examined for colour discrepancies.
  • Touch the areas of the head, cheeks, around the jaw and under the chin to feel for any masses or nodules that are not visible to just your eye.

Strong gums

While most people think their dentist visit will focus on the condition of their teeth, a periodontist looks at the entire mouth to check for any issues related to gums. The condition of your gums can indicate overall health. If your gums show signs of being unhealthy, there could be an underlying factor that needs to be addressed.

Detect buildup of plaque and tartar

Plaque accumulates on the teeth if left untreated and eventually becomes tartar, which can irritate your gums. Plaque and tartar buildup are stubborn and cannot be removed by brushing alone. Daily oral hygiene can prevent their accumulation, but some still remain and require the use of professional tools to get rid of.

Maintain general health

Dental health is integrally linked to general health. The roots of your teeth are located near important organs such as your sinuses and brain cavities, which means that an infection in a tooth can lead to serious health consequences. Dental checkups and cleanings regularly are an important part of good overall health since they allow you to be cautious about the treatment and dental problems before they become serious.

If your oral health status and current diet aren’t taken care of, you’ll be facing several inferior dental and general health issues soon.

Most people are unaware that they should visit the dentist in Winnipeg at least twice a year for cleanings and checkups to keep their teeth in good condition. Cleanings and exams are essential to help prevent tooth decay, gum disease and other oral health problems. By being proactive and consistent, you’ll be well to a lifetime of smiles!