Ideas to Make Your Trade Show Display Stand Out

Image Source: Vectorstock

If you work in the world of retail, you are most likely used to attending trade shows and setting up booths for your products and services. Similarly, if you are starting in the industry, preparing for a trade show may seem daunting. You may not be sure of where to start or how to plan, especially with so many companies exhibiting in the show.

Before planning for your trade show displays, get to know the specifics that will help you design your booth. Find out the size of your display table and any logistic inclusions like electrical outlets or wall space so that you can plan your layout. Once you find out the details, you can proceed to think about how you want to showcase your products to the audience.

Whatever your reason may be for exhibiting in a trade show, your goal is to stand out and make your name be known. By carefully planning out your display, you will be able to do this and possibly even more!

Communicate Your Business

Excellent trade show displays tell stories and say a lot about your business. Your display should not only catch the audience’s attention but also tell people what you are and what you do as a business. Depending on your brand and company, you can plan your display in different ways. You do not necessarily have to build an extravagant setup, but can opt to do so if this will help you tell your story.

If your product is demonstrable and works best when people see how it is used, you should consider doing a live demonstration. For example, if your product is used in the kitchen, you can build a small kitchen display and work with things that people would typically use in their home kitchen. This way, the audience can see how your product will be of use to them.

As much as possible, try to maximize your limited display space and incorporate as many elements as you can. However, do not overcrowd your booth and make sure to leave some room for visitors to stop by and take a look. Having a crowded space may discourage people from looking or give off a negative impression of clutter.

Use Multimedia Resources

If applicable, try to use multimedia resources like videos or slideshow presentations for visual appeal. Doing this will help you attract more people and give more information about your business if your product or service works best with visual forms of promotion. Multimedia presentations are particularly helpful if you are in the service industry since you can educate the audience as they pass by your booth and watch your video.

Lighting will also play a huge factor in the mood of your booth. Depending on the atmosphere you want to project, select lights that will showcase your products properly, and grab attention. You can choose from a variety of lighting options such as spotlights or shelf lights. LED display screens are the best choice when it comes to multimedia presentations.

Be Creative with Signage

Signage in trade show displays will help you market your products and services, but you have to be thoughtful about what you put in it. Do not put too many words or graphics that will distract from your main point, and only put in the information that the audience wants to know. Meanwhile, make sure your signage uses colours and designs that align with your brand so that it is easily recognizable.

You can also make use of signage if your products are too heavy to mount to the wall. It is usually challenging to get people to look at products if they are on the floor, so the signage will help catch attention and make people stop to take a look.