How to Teach Essay Writing in Secondary ELA

Essay writing illustration with a brain icon, light icon and a woman writing on a paper

Every student absorbs not all that a teacher teaches in a classroom. And, it is quite daunting to get things through to a student’s head. When it comes to teaching essay writing in ELA, breaking down the essay is one of the most helpful strategies for them. Let’s look at some result-orientated tips on how to teach essay writing.

Teach Them To Brainstorm

The foremost task is to make sure the classroom has this urge to think on a topic. Make brainstorming a compulsory step. The essay writing task is half done with proper brainstorming sessions. You need to get the thinking process of a student going. Generate questions in their head. Look out for answers, dig up issues, be creative and get amazed at the results. Some teachers allocate a complete class just to let the students brainstorm. Students gather paragraphs, topics, ideas, and quotes, build arguments and compile helpful notes.

While searching on the internet, write my essays for me also gives an idea of how brainstorming is done. It will take you a step forward in developing your skills. Make brainstorming a habit. Brainstorming practice helps you to conceptualize the essay, its impact, and content management at the beginning of the writing process.

Outline / Draft

Once the brainstorming is done, the next phase of the essay writing process is outlining the essay. Students need to realize the importance of managing the essay. When creating an outline, they should have:

  • A draft of the introduction and conclusion.
  • The number of paragraphs.
  • Key arguments.
  • A set of examples/evidence.

Moreover, students who used to pay for essay, after learning the essay outline craft, have improved their skills and now complete their tasks all by themselves.

The Make-Or-Break Statement

Ask students to work hard on the thesis statement. It is the main statement of the essay around which the whole piece will revolve. Share different thesis statement examples to make them understand the language required to craft a great thesis statement. Remember there is a specific tone and language of the thesis statement. Dedicate a complete class to gathering a list of different thesis statements. Make sure that the students come up with a meaningful topic statement.

The main statement should hook the reader straight away. It has to be crafted to depict the entire idea of the essay. It has to be spot on and should hit the right nodes.

Students seek online help saying ‘write my dissertation also because of the thesis statement. Many students take professional help to make sure the statement is crafted according to the standards. It shows the efficacy of the essay.

Essay body

A lot of students spend their time thinking, “who will write my essay” and the deadline is just around the corner. You might not have time, but some good tips will eventually make you succeed. This tip will save you time and money and equip you with the skill required to deliver a top-notch college essay. Knowing about the perfect essay format is a must. Ask your students and gauge their aptitude.

  • How to start and conclude the essay?
  • What comes in the body of the essay?
  • How and when to write the introduction paragraph?
  • How to craft each paragraph?

The answers are to be well taught in order to bring out creative essays from the students. Make sure they know the basics right. And, once these basics are learned, a lot fewer students will be seen asking, ‘write my paper.’

Revision And Final Touches

A teacher goes through numerous essay assignments every day. Good scores are only for well-polished and finished papers. A keenly edited paper simply stands out.

A good essay can be turned into a top-notch piece simply by editing it to perfection. Essay writing is basically testing your grip on language, grammar, and vocabulary usage. Make sure to revise the content and language both very keenly. Revisit all your arguments. Look out for grammar errors and punctuation. Make sure your vocabulary is up to the mark. Don’t let the essay sound mediocre. Refine it to maximize your chances of getting high grades. Tweak your tone, language, and composition of sentences accordingly. Read the essay as a reader and ask your colleague or friend to give you feedback. Make sure the flow of the essay grips the readers’ attention. There are a lot of useful teaching tips to help the student learn the right way to execute an essay and score high grades. The aforementioned 5 top tips guarantees improvement not only in essay writing skills but also unleashed hidden writing talent of the students. Go through these tips and help the students master the art of essay writing.