How to Stop Common Migraine Triggers


Migraine is a type of headache that causes severe pain that usually affects one side of the head. In most cases ever recorded, migraine symptoms include vomiting, nausea, weaknesses, tingling, and numbness in the victim’s hands or feet, visual changes, and high sensitivity to light, sound, or smell. Unlike other types of headaches, migraines can be described as a part of the neurological condition. The effect of a migraine headache can be very severe in affecting the lives of people experiencing it unless their migraine relief with an accurate remedy. If you are living in Southeast Asia and looking for a migraine cure in Singapore then try visiting Vitality Chiropractic Centers.

When it comes to what causes and triggers a migraine, there have been several things yet to be understood about this headache, as it tends to be associated with both environmental and genetic issues. In certain tests, the severe pain suffered during the headache is related to changes in both the brainstem and trigeminal nerve.

In most cases, here are what causes or triggers migraine:

  • Drinking of alcohol.
  • Experiencing lots of stress.
  • Skipping keeping hours.
  • Environmental factors like weather changes.
  • Hormonal changes.
  • Type of food you eat.
  • Being exposed to loud sounds, strong smell, and a bright light.

Recently, many potential drugs and procedures for treating this severe condition have been discovered. These potential medications and procedures include the use of natural treatment solutions for people that don’t want to take drugs.

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Here are remedies you can use in relieving yourself from the annoying effect of common migraine:

Eat regularly

Not everyone prefers taking medications when they are sick or in pain. So, to prevent and stop your common cold migraine, you should eat regular natural foods. You must avoid processed foods, wines, and other foods that might make your condition worse. The natural food you need includes lots of veggies and proteins to help you recuperate and get back to normal again! Eat veggies and proteins as much as you can, while exploring other solutions for treating migraine.

Avoid noise and bright light

As indicated above concerning the triggers of migraines are associated with the patient being exposed to loud sound and bright light. Therefore, to get this annoying headache gone as soon as possible, it’s important to avoid loud environments with bright light. Implementing this method will help relieve your migraine pain and keep you comfortable as the healing process continues.

Exercise regularly

There are many benefits associated with exercise to the human body. Exercising regularly won’t only help your migraine relief, as it can also ensure that your body system remains healthy. Exercising regularly helps with the improvement of blood flow along with the reduction of muscle tension in the body, which is what anyone suffering from migraines needs to relieve its pain.

Read health journals

Knowledge is always regarded as power. Meaning that as you’re battling the effects of migraine to get back to your normal lifestyle, it’s important to always read through updates from head journals.

Health journals provide regular updates on discoveries and breakthroughs concerning various illnesses. Therefore, reading of this updated information will help you discover new remedies that can help you get your migraine relief.


As you start the journey of learning and trying these natural remedies to stop the common migraine, it’s important to keep close records on how your headache triggers at certain stages. These records can be useful for you in determining when you are responding to the treatment strategy. Don’t stay idle and allow yourself to go through this annoying pain caused by migraines every minute of the day, while you could easily implement the above solution in your lifestyle and watch migraine disappear forever. Or join medical detox programs to get relief from that unwanted pain – check detox south Florida if you are nearby.