How to Progress Your Career in Sales

sales engineer career path guide
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If you’re a salesperson, you’ll know when you’ve found your calling. Hundreds of thousands of sales professionals across the country never looked back after striking their first sale, earning their first bonus, or closing their biggest-ever deal. Still, there are different levels of sales jobs, from entry-level jobs that can pay above-average salaries with bonuses to high-level jobs that can easily see you earn over $100,000 per annum. This article looks at what you can do to progress your career in sales in the coming year.

Sideways Move

Many sales operatives tend to remain in the company that they first joined for some years. This is understandable, seeing as they get to know their regular clients and the products themselves better and better as time goes on. There will, however, be a ceiling to what you’re able to earn in the position of a salesperson at your current job, which may be lower than in other jobs. One example is medical sales, which tends to reward salespeople with higher wages than ordinary sales roles. Simply take a course at the Med Sales Institute to learn the ropes and begin earning more in a medical sales role.

Senior Positions

While your role at present may be financially rewarding, with constant bonuses in return for meeting your sales targets, there may well be a more senior role at the same company that could provide more lucrative rewards and more experience that’ll help you progress your career. These positions should be something you’re aiming at, trying to achieve more senior positions as soon as possible in your career so that you can make whichever moves you want in the years you consider starting a family.

New Challenges

While sideways moves can reward you financially with a higher wage and better bonuses, a move to a different firm will also provide you with a different test. This is off-putting to many salespeople, as they feel that they are in their element in their current firm. The truth is that the best salespeople choose to move relatively regularly to develop their sales skills, persuasion, and contacts throughout the business world. These go-getters end up with the most lucrative sales contracts and roles across the business world.


You should never see yourself as the finished product when it comes to your career, as there is always some way that you can improve and add to your skill set, or build on new valuable skills. Instead, think bout how you can refine your skills, using all of the resources available to you as a guide. For instance, several online courses exist to help you get to grips with advanced sales techniques. Many courses are also run at local colleges and universities, while conferences and workshops will help you to access senior professionals who are there to pass on their advice. Tap into all this talent and guidance in order to make yourself a better, more professional salesperson in the future.