How to Obtain Birth Certificate in India?


Birth certificate is one of the first and the most important legal document that helps the legal recognition of the newborn child. This is the first legal document required to obtain any other documents incoming life. This helps the government to analyze birth rates and death rates accordingly and on that basis, the whole country’s budget, employment, and many other things get calculated.

Why is it important to obtain a birth certificate?

This document is important if you want to avail of services like healthcare and majority education for the child. Without the registration of birth certificate, the name of your child will not be adequately registered in the government records, and in consequence, it will not be able to give you essential services like healthcare and education.

Another important benefit of the birth certificate is that it is also a document that is going to get your protection in terms of safety and in terms of rights. You are likely to avail of all the legal benefits and protection from the supreme court of India. Without the support of the birth certificate, growing up can be extremely difficult and full of hardships.

Birth certificate is an important proof for your permanent existence in the world and most importantly in the country, you are born and are living. Registration of births helps the government track and improve anything related to healthcare. This document also gives you specifically designed child rights that you can take benefits of whenever there is any problem. This mostly works in favor of those who are subjected to child labor or are denied education at any point in their life.

On moral and social grounds if you see the importance of birth certificate, there is no societal pressure on you to prove your existence. This birth certificate helps you gain proper name and respect in society and lets nobody see you with suspicion. This helps you buy a house/land or any other property for that matter. The proof of birth is important to have so that all the resources are equally divided amongst citizens of the country.

How to obtain a birth certificate in India?

It is issued by Municipal Council in urban areas , Tehsildar at Taluk level and gram panchayat in village level.


Step 1: Bring a birth certificate registration form from your respective registrar’s office.

Step 2: After the birth of the child in a hospital, this form is provided by the medical incharge there.

Step 3: Within 21 days of time, you have to fill the form.

Step 4: If failed to register in 21 days, a police verification is issued and only then registeration is done.

Step 5: In the verification (Date and place of birth, parents’ ID proof, nursing home etc) are all verified and only then the birth certificate is issued.

Step 7- After you are given a pass, then follow back after 7 days to physically obtain the birth certificate.