How to have an amazing New Year’s Eve at home


While it’s true that none of us quite know what December’s festivities are going to look like at this point, that doesn’t mean that we can’t still enjoy ourselves. The government’s decision to lock the country down throughout November means uncertainty still abounds, which is not ideal for those who like to plan their celebrations down to the finest detail.

Will we be pulling Christmas crackers with all the family? Who can tell at this point. And what about New Year’s Eve? It’s fair to say that 2020 has been challenging for all kinds of reasons, so it’s likely that many will be happy to bid farewell to a tough 12 months and usher in the new year in style.

Large gatherings or swanky black-tie events may be off the agenda but a quieter affair can still be just as special, and celebrating New Year’s Eve at home gives you the chance to save money for bigger purchases in January and beyond.

So, what can you do to ensure the pandemic isn’t a total party pooper and start 2021 on the right note?

Cook an elaborate meal

Food and drink plays such an integral role in any celebration, so why not make a little extra effort this year and rustle up something seriously special? It could be a 10-course tasting extravaganza with wine to match, or an untried recipe from that brand-new cookbook you got for Christmas. Whatever you decide, if you’re cooking and eating with loved ones, it’s sure to be a memorable occasion.

Host a virtual quiz

For some people, Zoom quizzes quickly got tiresome in the early weeks of the country’s first lockdown. But the reality is that they provided us all with a chance to see and catch up with our nearest and dearest – so why not bring the trend back for New Year’s? You could even host a quiz on all things 2020, but if your contestants would rather not relive the last 12 months, perhaps you could encourage everyone to contribute questions from different categories.

Play board games

So, organised fun might not be for everyone but board games can be a great party staple – especially if you add a few tweaks to the rules to incorporate some forfeits. For those with more flexible friends, Twister always guarantees a good laugh, while the likes of Cards Against Humanity are a sure-fire way to find out which of your guests has the darkest sense of humour.

Dress up

New Year’s Eve is a special occasion, so treat it like one! You could even give the night a theme, encourage fancy dress and decorate your home accordingly. Or, if that’s not really your thing, you can set a formal dress code, get on your glad rags, pop the champagne and finish a pretty torrid year with a touch of sparkle!