How to Get More Out of Your Website in 2020


Your website is your home on the web. It’s where you show off your business and your brand, and where you convert visitors to customers. But what if you were to discover that this prime digital asset is functioning well below its optimal level? This is the case for the majority of business websites, which haven’t optimized for the likes of SEO and user journeys. This article, then, introduces you to the methods through which you will be able to expand the scope and success of your website, building higher profits for your business, this year.

User Journeys

One of the fastest-growing areas of research when it comes to digital businesses is how your users experience your brand. From the moment they land on your website, they begin a journey with your business and its brand, which will stick with them as they surf through your pages and onto other websites. It’s your responsibility to think hard and creatively about how to make your website comfortable and exciting for visitors, and how to direct them gently onto your products listing pages, where they’ll consider trading with your business.

SEO Strategies

The chances are that you’ve heard of SEO – or Search Engine Optimization. This digital marketing strategy is based upon the ranking that your business website achieves after web users key in search terms that relate to your business. If you’re on page two of Google’s search results, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be making the most of your well-built website. Web users simply don’t scroll that far to find websites. As such, it’s of crucial importance that you hire the services of an expert SEO agency in order to boost your ranking onto the first page of Google’s results, which will result in far higher traffic to your website.

Web Design

Meanwhile, you don’t want to be directing traffic to a poorly-made and unprofessional website. This will only result in web users taking one look at your website and brand, making a judgement, and surfing away from your website forever. Instead, you want to encourage those user journeys through aesthetically pleasing web design, with a good site map to back it up. Make it easy for consumers to find the pages that they’re interested in, and make it fun for them to explore your website – by adding design features that capture their attention and keep them on your site.


Finally, for all those businesses that are actively selling products in the online marketplace, it’s important to recognize that there are several ways in which you can build an e-commerce platform. And there are pros and cons to these approaches. What would appear vital, in the modern era of digital payments, is that you’re able to offer a number of speedy and efficient payment options for your visitors. This will avoid those haunting abandoned carts, helping you to convert shoppers into buyers on your web platform. Use the tips outlined above to squeeze more value out of your website in 2020, building a larger following and a wider customer base.