How to Choose The Best Cloud Hosting Provider?


Cloud computing is one of the most amazing technological inventions which has completely changed how we used to work and use business solutions. Along with transforming our day to day life, it has played a major role in changing the enterprise workload as it is being estimated that by 2020, 80% of the enterprise workload will move to the amazing cloud computing platform. But things were not like this during the initial phase of cloud introduction in the market as for a long period of time, cloud computing was available only for giant businesses.

Cloud computing was considered as a very complex and costly business solution since it required businesses to build an IT infrastructure and hire a team of IT professionals in order to manage the infra but all these things changed with the introduction of the hosting option which opened cloud doors for even small and medium-sized businesses. Now businesses no more needed to build an IT infrastructure in order to use the cloud computing solution as third party cloud hosting providers offered public cloud servers to SMEs. This significantly reduced the cost of using cloud computing as an integral part of the business. For example, small and medium-sized businesses can now host their QuickBooks accounting software on the public cloud server of third party hosting provider and enjoy the benefits of the amazing QuickBooks hosting solution.

But in order to capitalize on the benefits of cloud computing solution, businesses need to choose the right cloud hosting provider as cloud provider plays a major role in your cloud experience. There are various cloud hosting providers in the market and choosing the best one can become tricky sometimes, therefore, in this blog post, we will be looking at some of the useful parameters which you can choose in order to choose the best cloud hosting provider.


One of the most important factors to check while choosing a cloud hosting provider is the price. Different cloud hosting providers have different price structure and therefore you should choose the best one out of them after analyzing the potential cloud hosting partners. Cloud hosting is known for its affordability and that’s why it should never turn out to be a money-guzzler for your business. If a cloud hosting provider is charging you a lot then you should stay away from him. You can easily check the price of cloud hosting service on the website of cloud providers and then compare different price quotes in order to find the best deal.


Security matters the most while choosing a cloud hosting provider because if your cloud provider is not able to keep your data safe and secure on the cloud platform then your business will always be at risk. You should always ask about the security measures adopted by your cloud hosting provider on both physical and virtual level. They should be using the latest and updated security measures in order to provide complete security for your data. You should also ask your cloud hosting provider about the SAS certification of the data center which they are using because data center is the place where all your data is stored.

Round the clock customer support

 It doesn’t matter which type of IT service you are going to choose for your business, customer support is going to play a very vital role keeping your business up and running and the same thing applies to cloud hosting solution. You should ask your chosen cloud hosting provider that whether they provide round the clock customer support through a team of highly skilled and experienced IT professionals or not.  Without 24/7 customer support, you won’t be able to maintain the continuity of your business. You should also inquire about the response time and different modes of customer support provided by your chosen cloud hosting provider.

So, if you are looking forward to shift to the cloud computing platform through a cloud hosting provider then it’s very necessary for you to choose the best cloud hosting provider in the market in order to get expected results from your shift. Use the parameters mentioned in this blog post in order to choose the best cloud hosting provider in the market and stay ahead in the tough race of competition.