How to be an Expat and Get a Job


The Term “Expat” can be heard from anyone saying they’re an expat or that they’ve been one. But what’s an expat and how does someone become one?

Expatriates or what we call Expats are people who’re a citizen of one country and went to another country to work. But people who stay a few months at a different country to backpack or to live there can also be deemed as an expat.

If you’re considering going to another country and get expat jobs, here are three things you need to do to prepare yourself for the journey.

  • Research

You’re about to set foot in a country you’ve never been to. There are a few barriers you need to overcome, like culture, cost of living, and how to get around.

Try to educate yourself on these aspects. This will help you have a clearer understanding of your new surroundings and will give you an easier time.

  • Find the Expat Community

There’s an expat community anywhere you go. Find it and try to be friends with people who are like you so you’ll have a better time in the city. Plus, since they already know the place, they can show you around quickly, and it’ll be a lot of fun to make new friends.

  • Get a Job

There are expat jobs everywhere and anywhere. Look for one that suits your skills and interests. If you plan on staying long, finding a job beforehand is best, so you won’t have to roam around the city on a tight budget and be worried.

Speaking of getting a job, if you haven’t made yourself some friends or contacts in the city you want, then looking for it on your own is the way to go. To help you with your search for expat jobs, here are a few tips.

  • Try to Transfer

If you’re already working in a great company that you love, check if they have a place in the city you want. You might be able to get yourself transferred overseas. This way you’ll get to keep your job while living in a new city of your choosing.

  • Check the market

If moving is out of the option, try looking for jobs online. There are tons of expat job hunting sites that cater to different countries. See if anything interests you and go from there.

  • Network

Getting connections is the easiest way to land a job in another country. Having someone back you up and your skills is a great bonus. So if you can, find people you can be friends with who can recommend jobs for you.

  • Reach out to local job agencies

There’s a local job agency anywhere you go. If you have the time, reach out to them and see if you’re a good match with what they have on file. You might need to pay a fee, but it’ll be worth if you get sorted to a job you want.

The expat life is exciting and more and more people are doing it. But remember that the decision to go overseas is entirely up to you, and no matter where you go, the important thing is to make the best out of it.