How to Archive Office 365 emails?


Archiving is a method to preserve the data enclosed in email messages without any alteration. Archived storage shortens the data and the quantity of data that must be backed up. Office 365 offers additional storage space to its users for archiving the data. However to archive emails in outlook you have to enable the “Archive mailbox”. After the archive mailbox is enabled you can import messages from the primary mailbox to the archive mailbox.  

If you run an organization you will accumulate a large amount of data in a short period. This can result in reduced server speed in the primary storage and thus compromised performance with business applications. By moving the unwanted data to an email archive, you can save money on the cost of storage. 

What are the Reasons for Archiving office 365 emails?

  • Once you have enabled the Archive mailbox you can archive office 365 emails manually or automatically 
  • You can easily view or search the emails in the Archive mailbox from any location
  • Easily access the emails from Outlook Web App and Microsoft outlook. 
  • Archive mailbox provides unlimited email storage and does not use your primary mailbox space. 
  • Improves business productivity 
  • Email archiving options are provided for easy recovery of individual emails and attachments. If you accidentally delete an email you can easily retrieve the deleted emails from archive mailbox 
  •  You can access the emails by using Microsoft outlook. 
  • With the escalation of email, sometimes the server exceeds its capacity. However, this problem can be eliminated with the help archive mailbox or by downloading office 365 emails.
  • By moving the data to an archive mailbox you can save money on the cost of storage.
  • Archive mailbox allows your staff to recover data faster in case of any data loss. 

How to Archive Office 365 emails?

To archive the emails first you have to enable the archive mailbox in Office 365. Follow these steps-

  • Log in to your Office 365 by entering your credentials.
  • Click on the “Security and compliance” and browse the “Data governance,” option. 
  • In the “Data governance,” option click on Archive.
  • An Archive page will be open on your screen
  • You will see all the mailboxes that are connected to your Office 365 account. Archive columns will also appear, you can check whether an archive mailbox has been enabled or not. 
  • Select the desired mailbox for which you want to enable “Archive mailbox”. Click “OK” to enable the archive mailbox.
  • Once you have enabled the archive mailbox sign out your account
  • Now again log in to Outlook using Office 365.  
  • Choose the folder from where you want to archive emails. You can also perform this action by selecting specific emails and then select “Archive” icon on the top pane of Office 365 account
  • When you click on the “Archive” icon a wizard will open, click on the Archive button to import the emails to the archive mailbox.


With the growing volume of email, these days sometimes managing an email archiving solution can be a hectic and time-consuming task. Using the software is a more cost-effective way to backup your emails. Quality backup solutions provide automatic indexing of all email messages with attachments. 
Instead of archive office 365 emails, you can use Email backup software that downloads office 365 emails thus saves your time and effort from the archiving process. 

FAQ section 

What is the time period of archive email in Outlook?

The time period of archive email in Outlook is 6 months. However, you can select these time periods with the help of clean out items older than the option. 

What is the difference between archiving and deleting the emails?

Basically the main purpose of achieving is to remove the emails from the inbox to the archive folder. You can access it any time and it will vanish on its own. Whereas the delete option moves the emails to the trash area, where the mail gets deleted after 30 days.

Does archiving free up space?

No. Archiving does not free up space, it just removes your mails from one destination to another. In order to free up space, you have to choose the delete option. 

Is there any alternative to archive?

Yes, you can choose email backup software as an alternative to archive. The main benefit of using a software is you can store the emails in any desired format. Since the archive doesn’t free up space, it just migrates your email from one folder to another within the same destination.