How Smart Bottles Can Help You Stay Hydrated


How much soda do you consume every day? If you want to stay hydrated throughout the day, it’s time to skip the soda and opt for water with fresh fruits for extra nutrients and flavor!

Importance of Hydration

Your body is made up of roughly 60% of water. Meaning, even the slightest dehydration can already negatively impact how your body functions, from immunity and digestion to energy levels.

Keeping your body hydrated helps in improving your body’s ability to absorb all the essential nutrients. An adequate amount of water plays a vital role in healthy gastrointestinal functioning because it breaks down food while stool soft. Mild dehydration can lead to lower mood, less alertness, and more fatigue.

Drinking water is essential for everyone as it regulates different bodily functions. Water helps detoxify your body, hydrate your skin, boost your energy, maintain the balance of your body fluids, and aid indigestion. However, some people find it boring, so they end up with unhealthy beverages.

Smart Water Bottle Overview 

Today’s world becomes more aware of the importance and benefits of proper hydration. So, it’s no surprise why smart bottles continue to become more popular than ever.

Different smart bottle types are designed to cater to different lifestyles and hydration needs. Some smart bottles are built for ease of use and simplicity, while others are intended to be a piece of high-tech equipment. Regardless of the smart water bottle design you choose for your needs and lifestyle, the bottle will improve your hydration and healthy and overall quality of life.

Technology Behind the Smart water Bottles 

Generally, a smart water bottle uses a type of software allowing the bottle to connect to a phone application. This app tracks the water amount you have consumed, how many ounces you still need to drink, and your ounce goals within a day.

If you can visually see how much more water you have to drink and your progress for a day can make you more motivated to keep drinking. For such reason, great apps and software are integrated to the water bottles. It offers you motivation while keeping track of your hydration goals.

Some smart water bottles can connect with different fitness trackers and apps like Apple Watch, Amazon Echo, Garmin, and Fitbit, to name a few. These bottles help you keep track of water consumption through most of the devices and apps. 

Most people prefer smart bottles that allow them to pair with their fitness trackers or apps. That is because these bottles give them a more accurate detail and picture of their daily water intake. Plus, this feature is more beneficial if you go to the gym, run, play sports, etc.

How Will Your Smart Water Bottle Track How Much You Drink

Basically, a smart bottle uses technologies to gauge how much water you drink from the bottle. An accelerometer is one of the most common technologies. It can sense whenever you tip the bottle to drink water because of the acceleration or gravitational pull. Plus, it can also detect when you put the bottle back down after taking a sip of water.

A smart water bottle also comes with weight sensors that help detect how many ounces you have currently drunk. This technology gives an accurate tracking of how much water you drink, and the water bottle sends that detail to the water-tracking app. Then, you can easily track your daily, weekly, or even your monthly progress.

How Will, Your Smart Water Bottle, Give You Water Consumption Notification?

A smart bottle have different ways on how to notify you every time you drink. Vibrations, lights, and sounds are the most common ways of notification.

For instance, if you have not yet taken a drink from your smart bottle for a specific time, it will instantly notify you to drink. It occurs as the smart bottle sends a signal through lights. The bottle’s body or lid will light up to remind you that it’s time to drink water. It may also notify you through vibrations or sounds if lights are not enough to remind you to drink water.

Most smart bottles allow you to adjust the amount of water you have to drink based on your sex, age, height, weight, climate conditions, and activity levels. These factors should be considered since they will affect the amount of water you need to consume within a day.

For instance, if your activity level is lower for a specific day, you need to drink less water. When the weather is humid and hot during summer days, keep proper hydration by drinking more water.

Once you combine your smart bottle with an app that detects essential hydration data, you become more informed of how much fluid you need to drink.

Choosing the Right Smart Water Bottle

You can find lots of smart water bottles on the market. So, ensure to find the one that suits best your needs and lifestyle for the best results.

Affordability and Simplicity 

You can go for a smart bottle that offers simplicity at an affordable cost. Most of these bottles come with a digital display so that you can see how much water you must drink or how much water you have already drunk.

High-Tech Performance with Sleekness 

You can find smart water bottles that come with an elegant glow to notify you that it’s time for you to take a sip. They have great apps to keep you track of the daily hydration goals and water consumption.

Ease of Use and Convenience 

If you prefer a bottle that offers convenience and ease of use, it is also available. It will allow you to choose whether you want a reminder through vibrations, sounds, or lights.


If drinking water is boring for you, it’s time for you to level up your hydration game with a smart bottle. As you combine the health benefits of water and a high-tech bottle, you have no excuse for not drinking. Stay hydrated and healthy!