How NCERT Books Help to Score in Class 10


The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is the chief contributor to the development of education in the country. The NCERT books are designed to set up the foundations of the student for that particular class and develop the aptitude for higher levels. Every student of class 10 has a goal to top the CBSE board’s final examination. Thus, to prepare oneself for this examination the NCERT books are considered to be the best books. 

NCERT books of class 10 for all the subjects science, mathematics, social science, etc. are some of the best books suggested to study and practice for the students. These books are written in a very easy language and format. It helps students to read and practice easily. To score good marks in examinations and especially for the subject mathematics. A student has to practice hard. The students who are weak in mathematics and students who are undoubtedly strong in this subject. But These books are best for any kind of student irrespective of their abilities. Mathematics requires a lot of attention from the student in the form of regular practice. Chapters such as geometry, triangles, trigonometry, etc etc are very important to practice regularly. A student, especially a weak student, has to practice mathematics. So this book is perfect for them. The book of mathematics is explained in a very detailed manner. All the steps of a single sum are written in a detailed form without skipping any steps. This helps the students to learn and practice easily. In the examination, there are variations of sums in the question paper thus a student has to clear themselves with all types of questions. These books also provide various example problems. There is an important advantage of practising from the NCERT books. Students can practice these examples and prepare for their examination. These examples consist of various patterns and help to improve the skills of students. 

The NCERT book of English also contains poems and lessons which are very interesting and help students to learn from them. The Ncert book of English also contains the grammar. These are explanations of comprehension which helps students to practice for their examination. For subjects such as social science, NCERT books are the best books to study. The chapters of the NCERT books are very interesting. It also provides “do you know” boxes which are important to study. Do not leave those boxes. The question comes from those sections. 

The social science book of NCERT book consists of history, geography, and civics. All the three subjects are explained simply and make it easy for the students to understand. For the subject of science, these books are most preferable. I was a CBSE passed out student and enjoyed the chemistry part of the science books. The experiments are very interesting and important. Students will love to study from these books as they provide enough knowledge for all the subjects. Students can also go for the previous year’s question papers for practice. Most of the students find the subject, especially mathematics difficult in their CBSE final examination. But the question is mostly from NCERT. Students usually opt for other books rather than studying from NCERT books. Thus they find it very difficult every year. So students should never skip any questions from the Ncert books. Starting from the short question to the long. Complete the NCERT book of all the subjects. And do not go to your examination hall without practising the examples of NCERT books. These are the most important. Most of the question comes from the examples given in the book. To score good marks in CBSE, a student has to complete the whole syllabus from the Ncert books. Also never leave any questions undone. Do as much as possible but do not leave it blank. Try to answer it even if it is not correct. Try to follow the NCERT books. Students can opt for other books from different foundations but it is important and recommended to use the NCERT. 

Also, the NCERT books are considered to be the best books for CBSE final examination. These books completely follow the pattern of CBSE. Thus, students are mostly asked to follow the NCERT Books for Class 10 for their final preparations. The NCERT book also consists of unsolved questions. So the students should practice this problem to test their knowledge. These will help them to know their abilities and mistakes too. So after realizing the mistakes students can correct their mistakes and practice them which will be helpful for them. Some students go to examinations without studying the NCERT book and only depend on some other materials. So they suffer in the examination. These books will give the students knowledge no doubt but for preparing for the CBSE final examination but no book is better than the NCERT books. Therefore practice and study the NCERT books. As we say “Practice makes a man perfect”, do practice and you will be successful. For any kind of examination, a student has to study and has to give their best. When you give your best you will receive the best. So do not waste time. Practice the question both solved and unsolved. Try to manage time. Try the question or topic which you find more difficult so that you can practice and excel in that part too. Preparation from the NCERT book is more than enough. Do not worry, just practice the books. Revise it before going to the examination. Never get too nervous before writing the examination. Make proper utilization of the book. You will score more than 90% on your boards. Do not focus on other books at least not for the CBSE examination. Practice hard and score more.

These books are highly recommendable and useful for students who are appearing for the CBSE final examination. The question paper of the CBSE final test especially consists of questions from the NCERT books. These books will bring crystal clear concepts among the students. Before going for any other books, a student of CBSE boards should always opt for NCERT books. They should study and practice a variety of books. Numerous books will give them numerous ideas but the CBSE final examination is conducted on a process and the book of NCERT follows that process.