How eSignatures Accelerates Recruitment Processes

e-Signature illustration

HR is a busy team within any organization, handling everything from benefits administration to company compliance. When it comes to recruitment, this process is even more complex with an endless stream of documents being shared between candidates and HR recruiters. To make things more difficult, collecting signatures for each document can take days or even weeks, thereby slowing the entire hiring process.

HR teams waste precious time trying to obtain signatures from candidates for approvals on their offer letters, nondisclosure agreements (NDA), company policies, etc. No matter the recruitment efforts delayed signatures can still diminish even the most attentive recruiters, possibly resulting in loss of great candidate. Luckily, the days of constant misuse use of staff time, effort, and material resources can be reduced. Sophisticated eSignature software solutions provide HR departments the potential to automate those tedious and time-consuming administrative tasks, digitize all paperwork, and transform the way the organization performs its candidate search to acquire the best talent available.

Are eSinatures Legal?

You may have questioned this at one point or another, whether eSignatures are legal or not? The answer is yes, the eSign Act enacted 20 years ago states they are 100% legal. It continues to explain, if all stakeholders choose to use digital documents and have them signed electronically, then no signature shall be denied by legal effect simply because it’s electronic. Collecting signatures with an eSignature solution will also capture an entire audit trail of all activity on each document, for future reference if even needed.

Traditional Hiring Methods Will Leave You Behind

The world of HR has advanced considerably over recent years, and recruitment has become a race to capture the best talent with no time to spare. Generally, businesses spend lots of time training new talent, leaving less time available to search for the best talent in the pool.

Collecting wet signatures on documents is a tedious process which affects employee productivity. Each time an employee walks to the printer to scan or print a document or takes time out of their day to deal with disorganized paperwork, your organization loses valuable productivity and capital.

In today’s tight labor market, convincing the best talent to join your organization is a tough task to undertake especially if your competitors are after the same talent. Further complicating the hiring process by utilizing old traditional processes is only going to cost you more money. There are ways to completely overhaul the entire recruitment process and gain the upper hand on competitors. Advanced technologies can help you save time and money while placing you in the best position to hire the industry’s top talent. From managing documents within the cloud, quickly creating and sending professional HR documents, allowing eSignatures, plus the solution helps your HR team and other departments to work together more efficiently.

Digitizing your signing practice with a software solution, streamlines the entire recruitment process. It also helps you create documents quickly, save them as templates, send them to candidates, easily collect signatures, and store them all for future use and reference. With an eSignature software, your business can achieve the following listed below:

Manage Everything from a Single Location

The cloud-based systems have revolutionized how businesses handle the recruitment process everything from job posting to employee onboarding. With a centralized system, your HR teams can easily track the status of each stage within the hiring pipeline to prevent bottlenecks. Plus the solution allows your HR staff and candidates keep updated as they move through the process at all times.

Also, storing those documents in a central archive helps manage tasks easier than the traditional methods of using separated systems or spreadsheets. HR recruiters can monitor the status of the documents they sent out in real-time. All involved parties receive automatic notifications from the system on any changes made to a document, as well as information on its status, whether the document has being sent, whether it is waiting for a signature, or has been completely signed and ready for next steps. No more guesswork and unwanted follow-ups are necessary. The HR department can spend more time working and less time tracking down signatures.

Work from Anywhere, Anytime

HR managers increasingly need to travel the world to attend various professional conferences and/or company meetings. The absence of an HR manager from the office will not affect the overall workflow of your organization. Because they will now be able to contact employees from anywhere, at any time and sign any required documents instantly, without the need for printers, scanners, or faxing documents.

Data Security for Error-free Workflows

Using an automated system ensures error-free workflows and helps manage signees behavior to ensure documents are not collected with missing signatures. Also, by shifting to eSignature solutions, confidential and sensitive materials will always be kept safe from unauthorized access. The solution allows you to manage each signer by sending private documents with robust secure signing links directly tied to their emails and the eSignature system. The system helps monitor the documents movements and each participants action with the documents, storing all collected information and signatures within the system for future audit reference.

Making an Agile Hiring Process

Taking time to scan, print, and send documents is tedious and expensive. By adopting an electronic signature solution you are allowing your HR department to operate in the cloud creating more agile internal processes. Opening new doors for your organization to make your hiring process flexible in a way it couldn’t be before. Now, anyone involved in the hiring process can view the contents or status of any document, quickly modify it if required, and sign it instantly, rather than the process taking days or even weeks to complete.

A Good Impression on the New Generation

A recent survey states Millennials will make up more than 50% of the total workforce in the upcoming years. Keep in mind they were raised in the digital age and have progressed with the improvements to technology over the years. If you are recruiting Millennials, try showing your organization at its technological best. By sending them offer letters they can instantly sign documents electronically, meaning you will make a great first impression on how tech-savvy you are as an employer.

Streamline the Onboarding Process

Electronic signatures make new employee onboarding a simple process plus allows the HR department to focus on creating better strategies for the future. Utilizing software, the necessary documents can be quickly be sent to the new employees which they will be required to sign, triggering a digital authenticated signature.

After Thought

The present generation has grown up in a world where basically every process has been digitally streamlined, and anything needed can be done on-the-go. They no longer need to wait weeks for the recruitment process to finalize and work itself out. Showing you can create and easily sending professional documents will create a stronger first impression for today’s talented and tech-savvy candidates. Advanced eSignature software solutions like SutiSign helps recruiters create templates, instantly send documents, collect signatures from anywhere no matter the digital device, and complete all work needed in only a matter of minutes rather than days or weeks. The solution seamlessly integrates with HRM systems for other HR requirements, thus helping meet all needs of every global enterprise.