How EdTech Mobile apps will solve current education problems in 2020?

Edtech apps

Education has been a vital part of our society since ages and has indeed played the role of commendably and helped in the formation of society. But I am afraid to say that education is not the only part – technology also seems to have to make its way into supporting any and every business across the globe.

In the current situation, it seems that the 2019-20 Coronavirus pandemic has effected educational systems across the globe to a great extent. In just a matter of weeks, Coronavirus/ COVID – 19 has changed how students are educated around the world. It has been observed that crowded classrooms are no longer acceptable – all due to major lockdown. Apart from this, even the faculty isn’t able to give sufficient attention to individual doubts, nor students are able to grasp the way they could have with one to one attention. So, what to do?   

Keeping risk-control decisions in mind, many governments have asked students into temporary home-schooling situations. This has definitely led to a certain degree of inconvenience but at the same time also prompted new examples of educational innovation. Although, there is no cookie-cutter solution to judge how reactions to COVID-19 will affect education systems all around the world. But for now, the M-learning app is the right choice to pursue.

More and more mobile app development companies are asked to come up with intuitive, easy to use, efficient mobile learning apps which not only simplifies the education segment but also make it reach the masses in the best possible way; i.e. an app featuring a commendable approach to concerns like enrollment and curriculum.

Let’s see how current education problems can be solved via mobile apps? Further, I would like to mention how edtech will solve the current education problems through education mobile app development.

#1 Enhanced experience –  With an increase in e-learning app development, the studying experience seems to have surpassed all the traditional methods of learning. Although, you will come across many mobile-friendly websites that provide video and audio tutorials but having a mobile app is an entirely different experience. Here unlike websites, students won’t require taking screenshots all the time and look for a device that’s more feasible anytime anywhere.

Also, looking at the present situation mobile app developers seem to have geared themselves up and are all set to assist you in coming up with a much better experience. After all, everything right from content to lessons will be solely optimized for mobile. In simple words, mobile-friendliness won’t be a luxury anymore.

#2 Escalation in app development – As soon as students unveil the essence of learning by fun through mobile apps, the cost of developing an educational app will create a win-win situation by being beneficial for both you as well as students. This simultaneously has a huge impact on your brand image in the present and in the future as well. Now I have come across many individuals who wish to continue education but end up failing due to lack of time or resources while keeping their tabs on traditional study systems. By having an e-learning mobile application to assist, one can relish the essence of what used to be a dream or sci-fi for them.

#3 Overall Improvement – One should also keep this in mind, this is not just about you or students but also for the professors who are using the application themself. According to sources, maximum teachers use Google apps to access digital content. All it requires is to be served in a certain way that it creates a long term space in the day-to-day enrichment of everyone involved in the cycle.

With the help of this severe improvement in the distribution of knowledge number of people globally can learn. This will eventually not strengthen the individual but the economy as a whole. At the same time, the increasing reach will enable more people to learn even in the remote areas, and subsequently the mass inclining. Proceeding with an educational mobile app development plan, you can excavate numerous other benefits such as tailored lesson plans, video lecturers, course-specific forums, organizing content, tests & projects and the list goes on.