How Do I Hire React Native Developers?

How Do I Hire React Native Developers?

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Role of Native Developer
  • React Native Developer Skills: Technical and Nontechnical
  • React Native Developer: Hiring Options
  • Global React Native Developer Hiring Costs
  • When and how to hire an in-house React Native developer
  • Online Technical Requirement
  • FAQs

The usage sensing the popularity of JAVA and HTML/CSS programming language has increased amongst software developers. They undergo the process of learning these languages considering the faster utility of mobile apps, which are cheaper at the same time. Such programming languages allow them to build natively-rendered apps for mobile versions like ioS and Android, using the one codebase to run on various platforms and devices. This article follows the role of React Native Developers, their skills,  the procedure and the expenses behind Hire React Native Developer along with plenty of other subjects related to this topic and its hiring processes and cost.

Who are Reactive Developers and their Chores?

React Native Developers are front-end developers who have a robust knowledge of CSS, Java, and HTML to build UI components. Their core activity is confined to a React Native framework to build UIs for different platforms. They form the front-end face of the app after blending themselves with the native skills and API for cross-platform compatibility for better integration. Companies like Instagram, Facebook, Shopify, Walmart, and many others are looking for a prominent in-house Native Developer to develop applications for Android, tvOS, Web, Windows, macOS, and UWP. Take a deep insight into this article which renders to Hire React Native Developer.

According to statistics, React Native is the second-largest demanding cross-platform framework used in the mobile app development methodology. 

Mastering Hard and Soft Skills Required by a React Native Developer

To become a prominent Native Developer, you need to master these technical and nontechnical skills. If you are akin to executing the terms to hire React Native Developer for your company, you look into these qualities.

  • A React Native Developer must have in-depth knowledge of React fundamental concepts like component stat, Virtual JSX, and component lifecycle.
  • A React Native Developer should have an eminent grip with React web, software like Jest, ESLint, and so on, and managing tools like Flux, Flow, Redux, etc.
  • Proficient in working with type checking, script, prop, and code debugging to fix the errors.

Non Technical Skills of a React Native Developer

  • Must acquire knowledge of software developments, JAVA programming, principles, and flows.
  • Ability to execute smooth integration and create uninterrupted delivery pipelines of React Native.
  • A robust attitude to learn fast, solve programming problems and contribute to libraries.
  • Should have strong communication skill

Elaborate on the Different Hiring Options of Native Developers

Recent research says most companies are attracting top-tier React Native talents at their door, but the question is, what are the hiring processes they are indulging in? To simplify your problems, consider these three hiring options as your solution. Let us follow these rule to hire React Native Developer for the job-

Engagement Types 1: Hire Freelancers or Staff Augmentation

Hire React Native Developer through Freelancer sites or staff augmentation is the best solution for companies looking for temporary employees. For hiring freelance developers, you have to go to freelancing sites and release your requirements on that site. The salary depends on the project type or the companies initiating their payments after the execution of their work.

Engagement Types 2: Outsource React Native Development Services

Outsourcing development services saves much of your useful time, and companies do not remain fully engaged to the core in the development process. There are options in the hiring system where you can hire the whole team including the supervisor, who will manage the workflow and coordinate the working process. Whether you need React Developers for your iOS or native Android app, outsourcing them provides flexibility to choose the exact talent you need.

Engagement Type 3: Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a temporary collaboration model where a company hires in-house developers according to their project needs. These professionals work as full-time employees, where they perform dedicatedly without any delay and cancellation. This hiring type is cost-effective, and many companies opt ‘hire React Native Developer’ using the same methodology.

Average Cost in Hiring A React Native Developer

Hiring an acquainted React Native Developer for your ongoing project depends on various considerable factors, determining app complexity, design, and location of the developers. The factors responsible during the hiring process and determines the cost in hiring React Native Developers  are – size of the application, features needed to incorporate in the application, tracing the developer skills and the scope of the project. The Chart signifies the expenses required to Hire React Native Developer

 Minimal Rate HourlyMaximal Rate HourlyAverage Rate Hourly
Junior React Native Developer$18$46$27
Middle React Native Developer$22$75$39
Senior React Native Developer$28$80$47  

When and How to Hire an In-House React Native Developer

Hiring in-house React Native developers for your company will be the best idea to deal with the upcoming projects and deliver them to your client. In that case, hiring freelancers will be your ultimate solution. If you have a vast workspace, you can call them at your office. Otherwise, remote work facilities will be an apt approach. Reputable companies undergo the process like ‘Hire React Native developer’ or specialists are Glassdoor,,, and many more. They provide the best developers with the best skills and can work with proficiency and dedication without delays or cancellations. The firm advantage of hiring freelancers is that your companies don’t have to spend much time supervising them about the concept. They have broad knowledge on this ground and perform to satisfy you from every aspect.

Online Technical Requirement

This segment elaborates on the requirements required to fulfill the position of React Native Developer. It further outlines what qualities you are looking into as an ideal React Native Developer candidate. In addition, the qualities should meet your requirements for the specific position, including some uniqueness for your company during the process of Hire React Native Developer. These companies hand over the job descriptions to the candidate via email. For instance, briefing the requirements in two to three lines-

  • 2+ years of experience in working with React Native
  • 7+ years of experience working in a software development company.
  • Proficient in programming in different languages like JAVA, HTML, Swift, and Objective C.
  • Capable of taking extreme ownership and deep involvement in the work and the team.


This article reflects a brief definition of the role of React Native Developers and the hiring process, like how to hire react native developers. Moreover, it traces upon their skill sets: technical and nontechnical, along with their hiring options and processes. It also elaborates the cost to the company hourly on an average. The technical requirements for the role of React Native Developers have been summed in a few lines to give a brief idea of that segment.


1. What technical skills need to be versed by a React Native Developer?

The technical skills of a React Native Developer should include a strong command of the JAVA script required to build seamless and fast mobile apps. During the development of mobile apps, they would face some challenges of debugging, typos, and wrong coding. They should have the ability to fix those errors for a smooth run of the software.

2. Which is the cost-effective way to hire a React Native Developer?

For your ongoing, the quick and cost-effective way to hire a knowledgeable and experienced React Native Developer is from freelancing sites, without spending much time giving ads for vacancies, interviewing, and selecting candidates for this role.