How Can Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyers Help You Make a Rightful Claim

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Everyone knows that cancer is a terrible disease, which can only be fought with an army of highly trained oncologists and specialists. Cancer misdiagnosis lawyers help people who had been diagnosed with malignant tumors but had to face treatment for some other (potentially benign) condition due to errors in diagnostics.

Cancer is the second leading cause of demise for Americans, and there’s no exception even in Albany County. New York faces an average of 110,000 diagnoses for cancer each year and many more misdiagnoses. Getting wrongful treatment for cancer can not only put your health in danger but cause a severe impact on your mental health too. You may click here to find who you can blame for this medical blunder and learn how professionals help you combat the situation legally.

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Differentiation between types of tumors is a delicate process, and cancer misdiagnosis lawyers in Albany provide professional legal assistance to those who suffer from the neglect of oncologists. Here’s how:

1. Wrongful Death Claims

Oncologists who make mistakes in diagnostics can be sued for professional negligence. A claim has to be filed with the court, arguing that oncologists failed to meet the proper standards of medical care, which led to terrible consequences (like terminal illness or even death). Once proven, the defendant (oncologist) is obligated to pay compensation for financial and emotional damage.

2. Damage Compensation Claims

Cancer misdiagnosis lawyers can also help if you suffered from neglect but didn’t die because of it (and now need expensive medications, therapies, surgeries). Legal assistance is required to claim the financial support you deserve, as only a claim to the court can guarantee that your rights will be respected.

3. Compensation for Physical Damage Claims

The symptoms of terminal illness are highly unpleasant, and cancer misdiagnosis lawyers have helped many people treated with surgery or chemotherapy for another disease rather than malignant tumor growth. If you feel mistreated by an oncologist or their staff, don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer.

The compensation can include reimbursement for financial damages (costs of medications, treatments, surgeries), loss of income due to inability to work, and reimbursement for physical damage. You can also claim the pain and suffering you had to go through because of the negligence of medical professionals who were supposed to help you.

4. Non-Economic Damages Claims

Non-economic damages are rather hard to calculate, as they are subjective by nature. However, cancer misdiagnosis lawyers have extensive experience in this field and can help their clients receive compensation for physical and emotional damage from medical negligence. Some non-economic damages are pain and suffering resulting from negligence, loss of reputation or professional status caused by misdiagnosis, etc.

5. Special Damages Claims

Special damages are any expenses that can be verified by receipts or invoices, which prove that the medical negligence caused additional costs for you. Most common examples of special damages are hospital parking fees, transportation costs to and from the location of treatment, etc. If you’re not sure about going through with a claim for special damages, contact a lawyer and ask their opinion.

6. Punitive Damages Claims

Punitive damages are additional compensation awarded to you for particularly malicious behavior on behalf of medical professionals, who were supposed to help but ended up neglecting the patient’s need. To claim punitive damages from oncologists or their staff, you will need an experienced lawyer. Rules differ by state, but you can get quite a bit of compensation for your troubles in Albany.


Cancer misdiagnosis lawyers in Albany thoroughly study all medical records and documents (consultations, X-ray results, etc.) to determine if a doctor or other diagnosing specialist made an error in mentioning the type of tumor. It might be due to negligence or lack of knowledge by these specialists. If this is correct, misdiagnosis attorneys immediately contact the relevant authorities to get the situation under control.