How Are You Finding Online Clients in 2021?

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What an odd year we’re in the middle of right now, am I right?

On the tail-end of a pandemic that has changed just about everybody’s life, it’s been tough to predict people’s actions and figure out the best way to reach new leads. Is there any power in in-person meetings or is everything being done online these days? This obviously all depends on the niche you’re working in and what you do, but most online companies all can relate somewhat to how things currently going, and I think most online entrepreneurs are feeling a little lost when they go to find new online clients.

So, what are some viable options for finding online clients in 2021?

(1) SEO, as always

Not only is SEO marketing a great way to find new leads in 2021, but SEO might be more important than ever to the success of your company now that more people are using the Internet to find things they need.

Many companies are implementing an advanced SEO strategy this year in the hopes that they’ll see a quick return on their efforts.

SEO can be time consuming and expensive, but it can be worth it if you are able to get to the front page of Google and (in turn) have a consistent flow of clients coming through your (virtual) doors.

(2) Networking is still powerful

COVID-19 did not eliminate the power of networking, as much as it tried.

Many entrepreneurs and business owners are still connecting to share secrets, spread the word about helpful tools, refer quality platforms, and recommend a new service. Do not doubt the power of networking.

Christos Kritikos, the owner of Emerging Humanity, who is also a Startup Coach and works with new startups on a regular basis, continues to take advantage of his large network and has been in touch with lots of other business owners over the last year.

“Even when people are more disconnected than ever, we find a way to connect, and that’s when a powerful network really becomes useful,” he said. “I’ve used the last year as a way to connect with people in my extended network and it has really helped me solidify my positioning during everything that has been going on.”

(3) Social Media has a place (when used correctly)

Social media is not only used for baby pictures, micro-influencers, and arguments in the comment sections. It can be very helpful for business owners on the hunt for their next client or to position themselves in the market.

Josh Ladick, President of GSA Focus, Inc., has taken the initiative on using social media for his benefit and has seen some nice results come from his efforts.

“I was really cautious when using social media at first, but I’ve started using it – mostly LinkedIn – and have been able to grow my business,” said Ladick. “It is a powerful tool and, once I learned how to use it, I’ve been able to see some nice results.”

How are you finding new clients?

These are only a few ways to find new clients online and push your business forward in 2021, a year that is testing us all on our operations. There are a ton more options for finding new clients and there are endless possibilities.

So, how are you finding new online clients in 2021?