How 5G Will Enhance the Online Gambling Industry


It would be fair to say that, through no fault of its own, 5G technology has been getting an unfair rap of late. But that should not detract from what should prove to be a game-changing advancement both now and in the future. With faster streaming speeds and enhanced graphical capabilities, developers and production firms will be able to produce bigger and better games, global networks will be able to grow thanks to more streamlined communications, and mobile internet will be faster and stronger.

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A number of industries are set to benefit – not least the online gambling sector, which relies upon speed, security, and innovation in order to offer an attractive product to new and existing customers. Whether it is sports betting or casino gaming, 5G could herald the next golden era for the industry.

Speed King

Increased bandwidth allows games developers to be more creative in the delivery of their new releases, and so the expectation is that casino games like slots, roulette and poker will become more realistic and enjoyable to play with enhanced graphics and unique features. 

From a sports betting perspective, speed is everything – especially for in-play bettors. Getting that wager into the game before the odds change is crucial, and 5G will facilitate a more effective experience.

Live streaming is becoming more widespread too via betting sites and apps, and of course 5G will help to ensure these streams are of the highest order – with minimal latency and lag.

Bigger and Better

One of the other major concepts behind 5G is that it will make a ‘high-end’ gaming experience on small screen devices more readily available. We’re not necessarily talking console-level, but enhanced production values can only be a good thing for those who enjoy a bet on virtual sports, video poker and casino games.

There has been a lot of talk about augmented reality from a gaming perspective too. Will developers be able to enhance the casino experience by taking players even closer to the action – making every spin of the roulette wheel or every hand at the blackjack table more exciting?

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Many online casinos and bingo sites offer big jackpot prizes that are linked to global networks – all players feed into the fund, and that’s how the payout increases. The hope is that 5G will enable these networks to grow and evolve, which would certainly be of interest to those who have taken advantage of the bingo promotions available with a number of providers. Players can use their bonuses to try and land these sizable progressive jackpots.

Social Life

There is a real appetite for social gaming right now, and all of the big guns are getting involved. This is evident in titles that really benefit from the multiplayer experience, from Dota 2 and FIFA to Fortnite and CS:GO, and there is a possibility this could become a norm in the gambling sector too. Traditionally solo pursuits, sports betting and casino gaming could really benefit from the ‘social’ aspect of discussing bets and strategies – especially as the latest sporting action is unfolding.

These are just a small handful of the wealth of benefits that 5G will bring to the gambling sector. Exciting times indeed!