Guide to Pick the Best Star Health Insurance Plans in 2020


Star Health Insurance is one of the best health insurance companies in India. The company has a very wide range of plans that cater to everyone’s requirements. From regular family floater plans to the more specialised cancer covers to be very useful overseas travel insurance plans, the insurer offers some of the most comprehensive covers in the country. However, insurance needs are people-specific and so every plan may not be of use to everyone. You, therefore, need to pick the plan that is best suited for you and your loved ones. But how does one do that? Let us find out in the article below.

Tips to choose the best Star Health Insurance plan

If you are a bit confused as to how you can choose your ideal plan among so many of the available Star Health Insurance plans, here are some handy tips for you to remember:

  1. Understand the cover – Start off by understanding the plan and its scope of cover. This is important because unless you know what is being offered, you won’t know whether or not you need it. For example, if a certain plan offers only cancer care protection, and you need a maternity cover, the plan you are looking at will be of zero use to you. This is why it is absolutely crucial for you to read the policy wordings and understand the scope of the coverage offered.
  2. Assess your own needs – The next, and perhaps the most crucial, step is to assess your own needs. As stated, health insurance needs completely depend on a person’s life situation, health conditions and other such factors. This is why you should sit down and list your health requirements. For example, if you have a history of cardiac ailments in your family, you should look for a heart health insurance cover. If you are a newly married person, you should look for a maternity cover. So, assess your own needs and then proceed to look for the plans that cater to your needs. This will make it very easy for you to locate the best Star Health Insurance plan out of the many plans available.
  3. Check your budget – Star Health Insurance has many plans at various rates. While you would surely want the highest cover for yourself and your family, you need to be practical and find a health insurance plan that is affordable. If you buy a plan that’s too expensive, you may not be able to pay your premium on time and that may even lead to your cover getting lapsed. So be realistic, make a budget and then look for an insurance plan within your budget.
  4. See who needs to be covered – Again, your family needs come into play here. You need to see which members of your family require to be covered under the Star Health Insurance plans. If you only want a cover for yourself, you need to explore the individual health insurance plans. If you want your spouse and kids covered along with you, the family floater plans would be suitable. Then, if you just want a health cover for your aged parents, you can look towards the senior citizen health policies. So, make an assessment of who needs to be covered and then find a good plan in that category.
  5. Look for COVID protection – 2020 has been a severely challenging year for most people. Within the global pandemic going on, many people have suffered health-wise. Thankfully big insurance companies like Star Health Insurance have some excellent COVID protection plans and covers. When looking to buy health insurance, look for a policy that has a COVID cover, as that is something that everyone needs at the moment.
  6. Look for online plans – Last but not least, always try to look for Star Health Insurance’s online plans. It is highly advisable for you to buy health insurance online. Online plans are significantly cheaper than their offline counterparts. Also, it is very easy and convenient for you to buy such a plan. And finally, you get to make an unbiased choice. If, however, you are not comfortable buying health insurance online, Star Health Insurance has many insurance agents working with them and you can easily find a policy offline too.

Once you know how to choose the best plan, getting the ideal cover won’t be difficult at all.

The final word

Never make the mistake of buying a health insurance plan before assessing all the points mentioned above. You should never get a plan just because your friend or neighbour got it. Your insurance needs will surely differ from that of your neighbour’s requirements, so you need to see what your requirements are. Unless you have a suitable cover, the health insurance plan will become redundant for you and you won’t get the proper value for the money you pay. So be vigilant while buying the insurance plan. Thankfully, Star Health Insurance has many options and you will surely be able to get the plan you need.