How Does Great Lakes PG Program in Strategic Digital Marketing Help You Advance Your Career?

Digital Marketing PG student

You don’t need to climb mountains to get the answer to this question, and you shouldn’t even consider buying books, watching videos, or subscribing to emails. You should apply for a digital marketing programme that will offer you access to a specialist who can answer your questions and enable you to test out digital marketing technology in a practical situation.

Selecting the ideal curriculum or platform to learn the foundations of digital marketing may be difficult. Like picking between candy bars, each institution may seem to provide the same thing, but it really offers something different. You should apply right now because of the features that set Great Learning’s PGP-SDM (PG Program in Strategic Digital Marketing) apart from other digital marketing programmes. Do everything.

What exactly is the PG Program in Strategic Digital Marketing?

Look at what this program is all about before entering into further reasons to apply.

PGP-SDM is a rigorous program transforming committed and enthusiastic digital marketing practitioners into industry-ready professionals in months. Throughout this 6-month online program, students will study from industry experts and teachers from Great Lakes, one of India’s finest business schools.

What are the PG Digital Marketing Eligibility Requirements?

  • To be eligible, the applicant must hold a Bachelor’s Degree with honors in any field from a UGC-recognised institution or college.
  • Candidates must hold a Bachelor’s Degree within the same discipline with a minimum of 60%.
  • The candidate’s 10+2 level marks must be at least 55% from a recognized institution.

Reasons to Enroll in the PGP-SDM (Post Graduation – Strategic Digital Marketing)

1. Learning From the Industry’s Leading Professionals and Earn A Great Lakes PG Certificate

What if I tell you that you can study from the professors at Great Lakes, one of India’s top business schools, while sitting in the comfort of your home? You could think of it as a joke. However, Great Learning believes its learners should have the most engaged and practical learning experience possible. Engage with industry stalwarts and instructors to understand the current market trends and needs. Each of our mentors and industry experts has in-depth industry-relevant knowledge, experience, and abilities that every Great Learning student aspires to acquire.

2. Gain Hands-On Experience with The Most Recent Digital Marketing Technologies.

As stated in point 1, Great Learning intends to educate you about Digital Marketing and its ideas and numerous digital marketing technologies. Undoubtedly, the next question on your mind will be, “Is this course relevant?” Yes. It boosts the effectiveness of the initiatives of digital marketing. Throughout the program, students will learn how to use Google Analytics to obtain insights into customer experience and its suite of statistical and analytical tools essential for SEO and marketing. Knowledge of Hootsuite gained throughout the class will aid in implementing digital marketing initiatives. Apart from that, get hands-on experience with products and platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, Mailchimp, Canva, and others. Furthermore, SDM instructors will educate how to design campaigns across several platforms.

3. Learn All Aspects of Digital Marketing in Only Six Months.

How long would it take you to understand those intricate Digital Marketing tools? What, a year? What, eighteen months? PGP-SDM, on the other hand, does not. You may save time here and finish the course in 6 months. The program provides a structured learning environment led by industry professionals so that participants may study Digital Marketing courses in an organized and time-bound way. The program is designed with on-the-job machine learning abilities in mind, which are now in demand in the industry.

Furthermore, learners who need to brush up on the foundations later in their careers will have access to the material for up to three years after completing the program.

4. Add A Human Touch by Being Mentored by Industry Professionals And Receiving Unrivaled Assistance.

Self-learning and the concept of working on tools on your own may be excellent for certain people and an ideal answer for skill enhancement, but this is only true for some. Most prospective Digital Marketers need help to remain responsible to a certain deadline and need to be made aware of their strengths and skill set deficiencies. That’s where Great Learning’s guided sessions come in, as mentors are only a hand-raised distance from their students. Learners may participate in 1:1 mentoring sessions to speak with their mentors in a more customized context. Mentors will give comments on originally submitted assignments and projects from industry experts.

This one-on-one mentoring distinguishes PGP-SDM from other online courses in the field.

5. Build Your Portfolio by Participating In Real-World Projects.

One of the most common issues consumers have with online programs is separating from the fast-paced profession and real-life settings. Assignments and projects may assist in bridging the gap. These projects, which are meant to challenge modules, will be an asset in establishing a learning project portfolio, which will eventually help you score a job interview. Furthermore, owing to the final project, freshers may assist you in connecting with the community and analyzing key problems, which can be very beneficial for freshers seeking employment after finishing the course.

Great Learning believes in providing ongoing assistance even after completing digital marketing online course. Students can build an e-portfolio after the PDP-SDM, which would otherwise be difficult to create on your own. The e-portfolio will include all the assignments and projects students worked on throughout the semester. Show it out on social media, and who knows, you could get a job. Great Learning also provides a career assistance services that can help you prepare for a rewarding career in digital marketing.


If you are a typical marketer following the exponential expansion of the digital marketing business, you may have considered a career move. A Master’s in Digital Marketing will assist you in doing so. It will familiarize you with important digital marketing strategies and methods, changing you into a digital marketing expert equipped to survive and lead in a modern, stimulating sector.