Great Gadgets for Your Automobile

Automobile gadgets illustration image
Image source: HDFC Ergo

Whether you are a real petrolhead or a weekend driver, we all like to have things that make our life easier and more interesting.  Gadgets can help us carry out specific tasks more efficiently or just make the mundane more enjoyable. There are gadgets available for every avenue in our lives, and here are some great gadgets that are available for your automobile.

Parking and Reversing Gadgets

Many of us go pale at the thought of parallel parking between two closely parked cars.  In fact, a few of us would rather park many blocks away from our destination rather than perform this maneuver with a street audience.  Luckily, if parking isn’t your forte, there are some gadgets that can help.

Parking assist systems, reversing sensors and/or cameras will help you park safely in the smallest of spaces. These gadgets can also prevent accidents as they detect objects in front of and behind the vehicle using sensors that emit a sound or show an image on the screen when an item is within 250cm. Such devices should be installed correctly, so visit a reputable automobile garage that does general auto repair and will give you excellent service and advice.

A Dash Cam

Dashboard cameras are video cameras attached to the vehicle dashboard. Dashboard cameras will kick in and start monitoring the road ahead when the driver turns the ignition on as the vehicle’s electrical system powers them. Recording your journey can be useful these days when road rage incidents are on the increase, as this gadget will provide indisputable evidence of any altercations between yourself and other drivers – or any other drivers in the vicinity. If you are involved in an accident, the footage can be used in legal settings to determine whether any negligent driving took place on your part or the other drivers affected. An AI Fleet Dash Cams manufacturer, Fleetware introduce their new fleet dash cams that not just record your journey but also reduce driver distraction, speeding incidents and increase seatbelt usage. And it’s the new innovation in the field.

Steering Wheel Lock

Give your car extra protection from theft by purchasing a steering wheel lock.  A steering wheel lock is a large metal device that stops the steering wheel from moving. The gadget serves as a physical and visual deterrent because thieves will be put off by the time and resources they would need to remove the lock.

Jump Starter

Mobile jump starters are an essential device to own for times when your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere due to a low battery. This device forgoes the need for jump start leads and a charge from another automobile. You will no longer have to sit at the roadside awaiting emergency assistance. It can also be used as a portable charger for your devices.

Air Purifier

Cars and roads aren’t the freshest of environments, so fit your vehicle with an air purifier that will actually clean the air and not just disguise the pollutants with a flowery smell. This gadget generates massive numbers of negative ions. Negative ions mold small particles such as smoke and dust into larger masses that cannot float in the air and will fall to the ground, where they are less likely to be passed into our lungs when we take a breath.